USA: Bolton-book appears to be against all odds

The big Interview with John Bolton, the TV channel ABC, broadcast on Sunday evening, is the perfect example of "One Hand washes the other". ABC gets Exclusive

USA: Bolton-book appears to be against all odds

The big Interview with John Bolton, the TV channel ABC, broadcast on Sunday evening, is the perfect example of "One Hand washes the other". ABC gets Exclusive Material in Prime time, and the transmitter is not afraid of this substance exploit in the advertising break is announced that the morning show will set apart the next day in detail with the former security adviser to Donald trump. And then on Wednesday, only on ABC: John Bolton is a guest in the talk show "The View"!

the TV appearance flatters the Ego of Bolton. On the other, it is free advertising for his book, that on Tuesday appears. In "The room where it happened" is the story of Bolton experiences and impressions from his time in the White house, where he advised from April 2018 to September 2019, with the US President in matters of national security.

Already prior to publication, the memoirs caused a lot of dispute. The U.S. Department of justice filed a suit to prevent the publication of the book. It contained secret information, the publication of which would cause the United States irreparable harm, so Trumps justice Minister, William Barr. Judge Royce Lamberth is not on the weekend, the request for publication of a stop, criticized Bolton but keen to have the Review of the text by the National security Council is not fully completed.

Lamberth accused Bolton, the process after only four months of canceled and to have the manuscript to the publisher, sent. The was not enough time. The result: Bolton must assign the two million dollars, he should get you for the book, under the circumstances, to the U.S. government. In the worst case, a prison sentence, even threatening.

"Opportunist" and a friend of military solutions

Now the factory appears to be and Bolton seemed to be on his big TV Interview is not very concerned about the possible consequences. Instead, he liked visibly in the role of Provocateur, no longer keeps up with his real opinion about Trump behind the mountain. In his book, he describes the President as erratic and foolish, someone could not leave you alone for a Minute. "I don't think he is suitable for the office," added Bolton in the ABC Interview. "I don't think he is competent enough to do this Job."

This assessment, say the critics, you'd have heard of Bolton even in the Impeachment proceedings against the President, which had ended in February of this year with the Impeachment Trumps, but not his impeachment. At the time, Bolton did not want to testify. "He is a political Opportunist," said Hakeem Jeffries, one of the democratic members, on the part of the prosecution team in the Impeachment proceedings. "He had the opportunity to testify. And he has rejected it."

In the process, Bolton was already unhappy, while he still worked in the White house. The consultant that was already in place for both presidents named Bush and for President Reagan, is considered the hard Militarist who pleads in doubt, rather go for a direct attack as for diplomatic solutions. Trump's talks with political opponents such as North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un didn't like it at all.

And then the crisis in Ukraine, the Impeachment procedure was filmed there. Bolton claims that Trump told him, personally, directly, that he will consider military assistance to Ukraine, to the Ukrainian President decides against the son of democratic rival Joe Biden. He himself, of Bolton, had been strongly opposed to this approach. But horrified enough to leave his Post immediately or after the end of his time in the White house against Trump to testify, was not Bolton, obviously.

Sent to the chosen appearance date

The thought of his future career as an author, have played in Bolton's refusal of Impeachment-a statement believed to have a role, says Brandon Conradis, a Journalist at "The Hill," a Washington newspaper and news Website that reports on U.S. politics and the economy. "He had the intention to write a book and want to cancel the best stories for it," so Conradis in an interview with DW. Bolton himself says, the views of the Republican senators have, he can anyway change his statement would have made no difference. His decision had "nothing to do with Profit".

but: The memoirs burst in the midst of the presidential campaign. A better time for high sales figures could have been the former security adviser can not pick and choose. Whether the revelations of Bolton will also have an impact on the outcome of the election in November is another question. Conradis doubted it. "I don't think Bolton's memoirs are really going to change the opinions of the people," says the Journalist. Instead, most of US were Americans too much on your Position.

Other developments, such as the Corona-crisis, the resulting economic problems or the protests against racism and police violence were crucial. "He [Trump] really had some difficult months," says Conradis. "The appearance of these memoirs is as a finishing touch only the i -."

author: Carla Bleiker (Washington)

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Updated Date: 22 June 2020, 21:26

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