Schalke 04: The expected line-up against VfL Bochum

The duel with VfL Bochum is not on the same level as the classic Revierderby, but there is not exactly a friendship between Schalke and VfL - to put it diplomatically.

Schalke 04: The expected line-up against VfL Bochum

The duel with VfL Bochum is not on the same level as the classic Revierderby, but there is not exactly a friendship between Schalke and VfL - to put it diplomatically.

In this respect, the Saturday night game has a considerable explosiveness in two senses: On the one hand, it is a neighborhood duel that is peppered with mutual dislike. On the other hand, both clubs are concerned with bare survival in the league. A win against the direct competitor for relegation would be all the more important.

"We have to adapt to everything. The focus is on us. We want to put up a big fight from our side," Frank Kramer emphasized his own ambitions (via WAZ). The coach continues: "We want to win the game with all our might, exclamation mark! We want to play a really good game and get the three points."

A much bigger topic in the run-up to the game: A possible start-up by Sebastian Polter when it comes to his former club. Although he hasn't been able to convince so far, Kramer seems to be open and positive about the idea. "A special motivation that brings even more motivation grains. We are convinced that Polti can play an important role against Bochum," said the coach.

As in the previous week, Schalke will have to do without Marcin Kaminski against Bochum. The central defender suffered a cut on his leg, which had to be sewn up last. Its use is definitely out of the question.

Thomas Ouwejan is also questionable. He had to be substituted at half-time on the last matchday. However, Kramer was optimistic (via Reviersport): "We have to control it individually for him. That has worked very well so far. We assume that it will work this time too."

TW: Alexander Schwolow - there are no discussions about the keeper. Many a wobble at the beginning of the season is already a thing of the past. IV: Maya Yoshida - the Japanese should continue to appear as a leading player. In the last few weeks there has been some uncertainty. But not in a worrying way.IV: Sepp van den Berg - his debut wasn't entirely successful due to his mistake while falling behind, but he was able to show the beginnings of why Liverpool have a high opinion of him. Meanwhile, Kaminski is not an option.RV: Cedric Brunner - the right-back is seeded and currently doesn't have to worry about being ousted from the starting XI in the next few weeks.LV: Thomas Ouwejan - Kramer was optimistic that it would be enough for him . If that's the case, he'll play too. Otherwise, Tobias Mohr is a left-back substitute.ZDM: Tom Krauß - the young new signing is the only midfielder who has not yet been replaced in between. This underlines his importance in the first eleven - nothing will change about that for the time being.ZDM: Alex Kral - Florian Flick didn't have a very good day in the previous week, but he didn't have a bad day either. Nevertheless, Kral is more likely to return than Flick to start for the first time. Danny Latza will probably be left out.LM: Marius Bülter - even if Mohr made a good impression after being substituted on, also in interaction with Bülter, he probably won't be able to oust him. At least not at the start of the game.ZOM: Dominick Drexler - surprisingly, Kramer trusted him more than Rodrigo Zalazar. Because he delivered an assist and showed commitment, he should get another chance. Even if the coach certified Zalazar a very good week of training. RM: Jordan Larsson - the Swede is finally fit enough to play from the start. Should S04 not rely on the double attack that Kramer almost raved about, he will probably play again on the right flank. An exchange with Zalazar would also be conceivable. Also that he then moves to the center and Drexler to the right.ST: Simon Terodde - Polter believes Kramer can play an important role against Bochum. Nevertheless, given the performance so far, a starting eleven would be very surprising. There will probably be a switch to the two-pointer within the game.

If Kramer does not go for the double lead, it will again be about two outside players, a playmaker and the single striker. Swapping from a chain of four to a chain of three is not an issue. Accordingly, the basic order should primarily be a 4-2-3-1.

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