Reus comeback unlikely - race against time

The wait for Marco Reus continues.

Reus comeback unlikely - race against time

The wait for Marco Reus continues. BVB will probably have to do without him at the weekend against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Apart from his comeback attempt against Union Berlin, Marco Reus has been missing for a long six weeks. In mid-September, in the Revierderby against Schalke, the BVB captain injured his ankle. Everyone still remembers the pained face of the 33-year-old when he had to leave the field.

After that, however, the all-clear was given: although he had suffered a ligament injury in his ankle, it was said that he would be fit again by the time of the World Cup. In general, the injury was not as bad as the pictures initially suggested.

In fact, Reus made his comeback against Union Berlin just a month after the Schalke game - if he hadn't been slowed down by an infection, he would have returned a few days earlier. But in retrospect, the quick return seems to have been the wrong decision, because he had to sit out the following games again.

The fact that the playmaker missed the cup game against Hannover was still considered a precautionary measure at the time, since Reus' foot showed a small reaction after his comeback. But even after that, the BVB fans waited in vain for their favourite: the veteran was neither able to play against Stuttgart nor against Man City.

According to the latest information from Ruhr Nachrichten, it will also be tight with a weekend game against Eintracht Frankfurt. Edin Terzic will certainly give more detailed information at the press conference on Friday - but the World Cup participation, which is considered certain, is gradually faltering. If Reus is actually missing against the SBU, there are only three games left before Hansi Flick is finally nominated for the squad in which he can prove his form and fitness. The clock is ticking.

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