Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel makes fun of TV experts – "Dumb babble is the same"

This article first appeared on RTL.

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel makes fun of TV experts – "Dumb babble is the same"

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It was a successful race for Sebastian Vettel in Belgium. After a strong performance and a great race to catch up, the Aston Martin driver finished eighth in Spa and scored important World Championship points for his team. But the 36-year-old provided entertainment, especially after the race. At the microphone of the Sky colleagues.

Vettel is on his farewell tour from the premier class. In a few months he will be history - as a racing driver. What does he do as an F1 pensioner? Maybe TV expert? "I find that a very, very difficult role. Timo [Glock] did a good job, others find it a bit more difficult. Overall, I think that's what we say here: 'Dumb babble is the same' [meaning: dumb so talking is fast]. I think that's for some experts," he said on the Sky microphone in the best Hessian when asked if he could imagine working as an expert in the future.

A settlement? No, he immediately rowed back a little: "Yes, I understand it too. It's difficult from the outside to dive into the cars. And you have to say something." Not as bad as you might thought.

Vettel is still silent about his future away from roaring engines. Maybe nothing is ready for a decision yet. In any case, he doesn't feel any pressure when it comes to planning for the future. "Something will happen. It wasn't a spontaneous decision that I thought I'd do something different now. Even if I have a few things in mind, I think you have to let it come to you," emphasized Vettel.

As a racing driver, you know "nothing else, we haven't done anything else in our lives. The rhythm is set. It starts in winter, then the tests, then the season. Then the next year is coming up again," says one of the most successful F1 drivers pilots of history.

Now he's looking forward to "the races that are coming, and then to nothing," Vettel confessed, but: "It's not possible to sit around and do nothing even at my age, but I'm not the type for that either."

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