With 3 months of drawer begins to think: How do we raise children to be anti-racists

FOCUS Online woman Mikan, among the people who show solidarity with the recent anti-racism movement, there are also many young people with children. Neverthele

With 3 months of drawer begins to think: How do we raise children to be anti-racists

FOCUS Online woman Mikan, among the people who show solidarity with the recent anti-racism movement, there are also many young people with children. Nevertheless, the issue of racism plays in the education of often hardly a role. Grow up children and young people in Germany often in a "white world"?

Kathrin Mikan: Yes, I think actually. In my opinion, many parents are concerned with education have little to do with the topic of racism. In Germany we live in a mainly white society, makes this subject easy, and in many cases unconsciously ignored. This is a shame, because it is precisely in the young child age, it is important to encourage children at an early stage in this topic.

psychologist: "Three months after birth, begins in children, the drawers-Think"

FOCUS Online Why should parents treat the topic of racism at an early stage in the education?

high school: From the neuropsychological point of view, to be born of all the children to be open and tolerant. It shows you, for example, images of people with different skin color, look at every image in the same unbiased way. After only three months of the changes, then you look already more and more on images of people that conform to their own ethnic group, simply because they are them because of their social environment familiar. So our brain is polarized, it is these images remembers better.

this is already to Think at this early stage in the life of a certain Form of drawers. In connection with an anti-racist education is a crucial piece of Information.

FOCUS Online Is the name of the, parents should confront their children very early on with social diversity, the natural development of a quasi-counter?

high school: against taxes is the wrong term. Rather, I see in these well-known research results, a great opportunity: The sooner parents start their children on the diversity of our society, the more likely it is that said drawers arise at all. Instead, the natural human diversity to normality. And it is precisely in the age of the child, this normality can be generated with simple means.

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There are many ways to create awareness for diversity

FOCUS Online : What are the possibilities for parents to raise young children?

high school: Just a young age, information to be conveyed in the best way, or images. Books or stories in which people from different ethnic groups exist, they can create awareness. Very important, however, is that the content is not perceived differences, or even clichés, but the similarities of humankind.

would be An example of a playful experience, when I show it to my children several hard-boiled eggs, the appearance from the outside, all different, from the inside, but all the same. This may act as a single measure is insignificant, but it is precisely such experiences of creating awareness and mindfulness in children. The same also applies to multi-cultural friendships that you can promote.

FOCUS Online : there Is a point at which anti-racist education in activism can drift? You languages, for example, just to promote multi-cultural friendships. That means that parents should actively try to find for your children's friends of a different ethnic group?

high school: no, of course, parents can't dictate to your children, who should be your friends. At the end we will choose the child of his friends, but it is open to other cultures and friendships welcome! And there are also other ways to create awareness for diversity: penpals with kids from other countries to arrange or attend a multi-cultural Neighbourhood festivals. In fact, it is also available in a very white society, such as the German ample opportunity to the children of their own multiculturalism closer. Of course, without any compulsion, but this should apply, in principle, as a guiding principle in the child's education.

racism: schools and day-care centres play an important role

FOCUS Online In the upbringing of children, day-care centres and schools play an important role. What tasks need to take over state institutions in an anti-racist development of children?

high school: In schools and day-care centres of very different origin come together for children – whether it be social or regional. This diversity provides teachers and advisors with the opportunity to make the similarities among the children, for all to experience and at the same time the individuality of each child to work out. The big Problem from my point of view is to be set as the content of teaching in Germany. In the foreground of the performance idea, for example, good performance in the traditional areas, such as the natural Sciences, is especially.

What remains, however, on the track, is the formation of personality. How do I deal with my fellow human beings? What makes tolerance and openness? Such questions are asked in the schools, far too little in the foreground, and the result is that children reflect on later in adulthood, dealing with prejudice and racism, enough. Here it is in urgent need of support through the education and training policy.

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