Sneakers combine the real: A little Guide to match sneakers and pants.

The question of a perennial favorite is Sneakers Fans : What are Trouser suits which Sneakers model? the Sneakers combine properly – no Problem with our lit

Sneakers combine the real: A little Guide to match sneakers and pants.

The question of a perennial favorite is Sneakers Fans : What are Trouser suits which Sneakers model? the Sneakers combine properly – no Problem with our little Guide!

the Sneakers have become cult objects of our time – and Streetwear to the most important part of our wardrobe. In turn, the most important part of Streetwear -Outfits: Sneakers! They are, so to speak, the distinctive mark of a new classic and want to be emphasized particularly. You have not invested half a fortune in a new Designer Sneakers , in order to be overlooked at the end, or? (Also read: “sneakers are cheap” – StockX Europe chief Derek Morrison in this Interview)

if Anyone would like to know how to combine Sneakers and suits properly, watch this Video of our American colleagues:


Both of sports Brands as well as luxury fashion houses have opened up a number of Sneakers, an important market niche – what has the former prompted to get your iconic models revived, and the latter to create their first sports shoes – in most cases anyway. And as if that wasn't enough, together these two worlds to create extremely sought-after collector's pieces.

Thus, not only has the Sneaker fever is always more to fuel, but also the collection of sneakers revive. Although this phenomenon has existed for a long time (many see its beginnings in the year 1985 with the launch of Air Jordan 1 ) the number of hoarder Sneakerheads in the last few years have multiplied. (Also interesting: The new color of Nike Air Force 1) happy

sneakers with shorts

by Now combined there are so many Sneaker Styles and an infinite number of combination possibilities – which one is preferred, is merely a question of personal style. What a lot of concerns when you Wear your guess, however, is not the question of how to combine Sneakers and pants so that the boots go under. The most common style: ankle pants long, to stress the Sneakers especially. A pants-Trend, however, is a thing of the past – but there are also other ways to bring their beloved baby to full advantage.

We play with three hose sections (Jogging pants, a Slim Fit and Straight) and three kinds of sneakers (XXL, Low Top and Mid Top ). The most Important thing is to find a good Balance between the pants hem and the Shoe, so that neither is obscured. (Worth reading: GQ's Sneaker Release Radar: these are the four most important Sneaker Releases of the week)

Jogging pants

If you are not quite to the ankle, long pants, do not want, you can try out Sweatpants: for example, with rubber cuffs on the pant legs. By the way, a very convenient variant is to combine Sneakers and pants correctly and both highlight, as the cuffs of the sweatpants cling perfectly to the ankle.


What you can do also: the cuffs get stuck in the socks – a very sporty version! For this combination we recommend in the Rest of the low-cut sneakers (if you slide the cuff further down), or Sneakers in XXL Format, as shown. (Worth reading: these five white Sneakers David Beckham)

With Slim swears-Fit cutting


the slim-cut Chinos, the relaxing Alternative to Dress Pants or carrot pants, i.e. models with a relaxed cut to the knee, which run from the knee to the ankle spitz, are also two good options for everyday life.

Both sections usually have enough Width at the hem, with all three Shoe types are combined – both XXL-size as well as Low Top and Mid Top. If you roll up the hem a couple of Times, you can highlight the shoes even more. (Read also: The GQ Guide to buying the ultimate Hype-Sneakers Yeezys)

With straight pants

of Course, you can (and should try) also on-Trend Pants of the season: the Straight-Cut. It may take some time until the eye is back to wider silhouettes has become accustomed to, but it works perfectly if you know how to play correctly with the proportions.

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the Straight Fit or Regular-Fit-Silhouette – for both Jeans as well as Chinos, and the classic pants – make sure the hem hits no wrinkles and arrow is straight in until it touched the shoes – and please, without too much material falls on the upper of the Sneakers.

So it really works and looks good, we recommend Sneakers-forms with a slightly higher shaft, i.e., Mid-Top models. If you want to give this Style a little more emphasis, you can roll up the hem here, too, something to emphasize your shoes, even more. They, however, never about ankle height! (Also interesting: these are the 10 best white Sneakers of the year)

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