50% more unemployed: These regions hits the Corona of the crisis on the hardest

"these are orders of magnitude, we were able to us a few weeks ago, hard to imagine," says Thomas Iser in the Frankfurter Rundschau. The head of the Offenbach

50% more unemployed: These regions hits the Corona of the crisis on the hardest

"these are orders of magnitude, we were able to us a few weeks ago, hard to imagine," says Thomas Iser in the Frankfurter Rundschau. The head of the Offenbach employment Agency looks with disillusionment at the latest unemployment figures out of his area of responsibility: 20.001 people were reported in July to be unemployed, as many as you for 13 years. The absolute number may not seem dramatic, the increase is, however, In the district of Offenbach, the number of unemployed in the Corona-crisis since March, rose by 53 percent as strong as in any other Region of Germany.

it has taken the district of Offenbach, so strong, is because here is the major airport of Frankfurt is home to. Both, the airport operator, Fraport, as well as many here based Airlines have laid off thousands of employees, or in short-time work is sent.

big cities have more unemployed

of Offenbach lies only on the tip of a Trends, the Germany Corona-recession marked: Since March the number of unemployed has increased nationwide by 22.6 percent to 2.9 million. Later, it was last updated in February 2016. And only once since the reunification, she rose within a period of four months faster than it is now: from October 2004 to February 2005 on the then-record of 5.3 million unemployed. Unemployed? These are 10 things you need to know, Our PDF guide explains how you can apply for money and what else you need to know, if you become unemployed.To the PDF guide

however, It is impossible, in the Corona-crisis, a General Trend to identify and to identify factors that have a significant increase in unemployment in a Region. Among the losers are the seven largest cities in the country, but In Munich, the numbers of unemployed in March rose by 46.9 percent in Frankfurt to 46.5 percent. In Berlin, there were 39.6 percent against Hamburg with 37 per cent, and Stuttgart, with 34.6 percent. Only Cologne (28.2 per cent) and Düsseldorf (28 percent) are not quite so far above the national average.

note for App users: Here you will find a table with all the regions (in alphabetical order).

However, this is not a General phenomenon in Major cities: 20 closest major cities are only minimally above the average – some, like Dortmund (17.1 per cent) and food (17.7%) even significantly.

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appearance In seven regions, the Numbers are on the decline even

Such problems in the upper Palatinate these days hardly The County of Cham, with the same circuit city reported that is currently good order situation in the construction industry. Professionals would be looking for, many new jobs are arrived at the job centers. The result: In Cham, the unemployment has decreased since March by 20.9 percent. Even if you are 50 percent higher than a year, Cham is now the best brand in the German regions. Since the beginning of the year here in 1590, new positions were created.

a Total of seven counties in Germany can log on to this days of falling numbers of unemployed. Five of them are located in the upper Palatinate, or lower Bavaria, two regions that also reported in front of Corona, the lowest unemployment rates in the whole of Germany. In addition to Cham, which are still Freyung-Grafenau (-20,1 percent), rainfall (average of-17.9 percent), Tirschenreuth (-6.2 percent) and Straubing-Bogen (-1.7 per cent). Added to this are the districts of Wittmund (9.5 percent) from lower Saxony and the Cochem-Zell (-6.3 per cent) from the Rhineland-Palatinate.

FOL/Federal Agency for work

Infection rates play no role for unemployment

Although the new Federal States are able to report numbers, not negative growth, but on the Land between the Baltic coast and the Czech border, the unemployment figures have grown below average.


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But also here: There are no General correlations can be established. More or less strongly rising unemployment contexts, for example, only to a very limited extent with the size, economic power or the unemployment rates before the Corona-crisis. And no connection between unemployment and the infection numbers in a Region. Financial expert explains How you are already declared, with little money in the stock market successfully FOCUS Online the financial expert: How you are with little money in the stock market successfully

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