Neymar at PSG : love lasts three years ? - The Point

His talent is invaluable. His genius, unquestionable. His fame international. In just three years, Neymar Jr has managed to leave his imprint in the history of

Neymar at PSG : love lasts three years ? - The Point

His talent is invaluable. His genius, unquestionable. His fame international. In just three years, Neymar Jr has managed to leave his imprint in the history of the parisian club.

through its prowess on the field or his polemics extrasportives, the crack brazilian has put in boiling a club. But, slowed by injuries since his arrival, Neymar Jr has not yet been able to meet the expectations of the Paris Saint-Germain, and leaves its passage an aftertaste of unfinished business.

The new prince of the Park

On August 3, 2017, the Paris Saint-Germain concludes the most expensive transfer in football history by uprooting Neymar Jr FC Barcelona for an amount of 222 million euros. Presented in great pomp, and was acclaimed from all sides, the prodigious brazilian receives a hero's welcome. Even the Eiffel tower is illuminated in the colours of PSG welcome for him. On the shoulders of the star auriverde are based on hopes huge. Neymar Jr must do to enter PSG in a new dimension and allow the club to brandish for the first time the prestigious champions League. Designated successor of the icons Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for the title of best player in the world, it is very quickly identified as the head of the gondola is ideal for Paris, one of the largest global franchises in the sport.

But, beyond appearance, athletic singles sports, Neymar Jr was also a marketing product, a brand all to itself. With nearly 250 million subscribers on the social networks (three times more than the PSG), the crack brazilian represents a valuable tool of commercial success for the capital club. And the investment paris bears its fruits, because it allows Red and Blue to attract new sponsors and to promote the image of the club on the international stage.

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Almost a game on two missed

Despite his prowess in Ligue 1, and his lightning flashes in europe, the balance of Neymar Jr over the last three years at Paris Saint-Germain is in the clear-obscure. On one hand, we are amazed by his genius with the ball, its intensity, its vista and its goals. "Ney ", that is, 70 achievements, and 6 trophies in 82 games in Paris. On the other, its absence of repetition in the key moments – as in the final phase of the champions League, before the start of spring – has caused a lot of frustration and disillusion among supporters. In three seasons, Neymar Jr has played only half of the 157 games played by Paris Saint-Germain. A shame for a player recruited to 222 million euros and designated to conduct the PSG at the summit of european football.

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Until then, Neymar Jr has never been able to get to Paris Saint-Germain on the cape whose owners qatari dream so much. His fracture of the fifth metatarsal of the right foot against the OM in 2018 was denied the return match against Real Madrid (2-1), while in 2019 his relapse against Strasbourg has been excluded from the eighth-finals against Manchester United (3-1). And, consistently, the PSG has experienced the debacle. However, its contribution during the pool stages of the champions League is undeniable. But the Paris Saint-Germain, struck by the terrible curse of the injury, has had to deprive himself of his talents for two consecutive years. A colossal loss to the sport, partially offset by an explosion of the commercial revenues of the club.

Neymar Jr, jewel marketing

With the arrival of investors-qatari, the commercial conquest of the Paris Saint-Germain has continued to accelerate. If a first step has been taken between 2012 and 2016, with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the signing of Neymar Jr at PSG has marked the beginning of a new era for the club. Thus, as soon as the season 2017-2018 – the first of Neymar –, a study by Deloitte showed revenue growth of parisian 55.5 million euros, bringing the PSG at the sixth european place. The following year, the Paris Saint-Germain confirms this trend by signing an "impressive growth" of 17 % of its economic income, the first of which are the commercial revenues (sponsorship, merchandising, shirts...).

With 363,4 million euros commercial revenue (57 % of the economic revenues of the club), PSG signed the second highest record in the history of the rankings, Money League. A performance permitted by the radiation of Neymar Jr on the football scene and scope by formalizing new partnerships and the renewal of confidence of partners of the club. However, PSG is not the only beneficiary of this phenomenon. Only ten months after his arrival, the TV rights of Ligue 1 have suddenly exceeded the symbolic threshold of one billion euros. Coincidence ?

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For Paris Saint-Germain, it is quite impossible to compile a definitive assessment of the contribution of Neymar Jr since his arrival. His injuries repeatedly had suddenly braked in its european ambitions, and in his quest for the Ballon d'or. But the crack brazilian, with a contract with the capital club until 2022, will certainly have other opportunities pourarriver to avoid leaving PSG on his hunger. Finally, the star auriverde has largely contributed to the economic well-being of the Paris Saint-Germain, which is now in the top 5 of the clubs who generated the most revenue. And the wind is not likely to turn anytime soon, since between the two parties, the love has passed the symbolic milestone of three years !

Date Of Update: 03 August 2020, 08:33

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