Söder attacked SPD according to Scholz-nomination - and the state shows a supporting class

His criticism of the Chancellor candidate Chancellor had quality. Markus Söder was not only the first to attack the SPD after the nomination of Olaf Scholz, the

Söder attacked SPD according to Scholz-nomination - and the state shows a supporting class

His criticism of the Chancellor candidate Chancellor had quality. Markus Söder was not only the first to attack the SPD after the nomination of Olaf Scholz, the candidate for Chancellor. He was also the most accurate of the target. In a national crisis situation in a lace - to-do person, seems out of place, in fact, is abundant, as the Bavarian Prime Minister is absolutely right. The majority of people are interested in right now is not for the innards of the parties. But, as you come out of this, in several respects, existence-threatening crisis.

Söder with personal attacks back

was Important but also, what is the CSU Chairman said: He avoided every attack on Scholz personally. Of two top politicians it is to know that you appreciate. But that's not the only reason. Söder held back with personal attacks, because it would probably have been crooked taken. Something like this is simple - you give the opponent a fair Chance. And so begat Söders attack on the SPD from its own state-supporting class.

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SPD has a Problem and several new created

The SPD has done with the nomination of Scholz to be a Problem - and several new ones created. The party itself is there. Contrary to their own Image of you is anything other than a solidarity Formation. The SPD is extremely, some would say: notorious argumentative. Practically since its inception, she is torn between a sense of Responsibility and ethics. Ethic of responsibility is regarded within the party as to the right Attitude than the left. The a want to make policy, the other right. The a are a pragmatist, the other are fighting for nothing Less than a better world. To discipline the SPD is not - and certainly not over such a long period of time like more than a year.

Up to the next Federal election, there are still almost 14 months - and in a turbulent time. Since a lot can happen Scholz, also the candidate. The Wirecard affair is just at the beginning of your enlightenment. Scholz has made in his first round, a relatively good figure, but who knows what is coming next. Sure, Wirecard not an election issue - but the question of whether the supervision of leading Finance Ministers in every Situation in this financial scandal of appropriate behavior. Is also involved the Chancellor, but Merkel is on its homestretch as good as untouchable. Scholz, who wants to be Chancellor, but not.

the wings of The SPD act selfish

How selfish the wings of the SPD act, particularly the representatives of the left wing, were allowed to successively learn the candidate for Chancellor Steinmeier, Steinbrück and Scholz. Sure have been candidates at some point even a leg, but their biggest Problem is the programmatic disagreement, and the structural inability of the SPD to be able to with her first husband to be satisfied was. Yet only a year ago, the majority of the social Democrats Saskia esque and Norbert Walter-Borjans, of the party leaders - chose expressly to prevent Olaf Scholz, already at that time, not only as a party Chairman, but in the future, as the Chancellor candidate.

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Now of these Two, Scholz will have to bear the office of the Chancellor candidates officially - and it somehow seems as if Scholz is a Revenant of Helmut Schmidt. Of a majority in the political middle, said, so far into the Union camp, Schmidt was "in the wrong party". Scholz could continue the policy of Angela Merkel almost seamlessly, but that is exactly what large parts of the SPD do not want to just. The prospect of Power and Ministerial armchair has irritated the Left has always been less than the big perspective, to be ahead of the story just right.

About what helps in difficult times, is little,

Scholz discusses know of course. And because this is so, has he approved a significant shift to the left of the SPD already. The SPD has long since decided a higher minimum wage, for a long time, the basic pension and a property tax, how stupid it may be. It is highly symbolic redistribution are for the party of the subjects which they want in their supposed core competence, "social justice" points. About such issues, the SPD is keen to discuss how there is no other party. About what really helps or could help you in difficult times, is widely debated less. The short-time working money, for example, that Germany has so far helped with the best to come through the crisis.

especially, Scholz has been put through. However, it is very likely that already this autumn other topics, the debate will stand as the vaunted "redistribution from the top to the bottom". If the unemployment figures in the Wake of tens of bankruptcies Corona due to the height should be talking fast and now is already a lot. Then two Mega superimposed trends: the pandemic and digitization. With traditional recipes from the party tags English, you will not get much more.

Chancellor candidate of the party in the neck

The SPD candidate for Chancellor, has from now on but not only the own party in the neck, including the hardly predictable Twitter party boss Saskia esque. You will have to convince the political middle that soundness still, Scholz, personally, on the balance lays. Esque and Walter-Borjans, do not advertise for an Alliance with the left party, Scholz closes the what to do in the face of bad poll ratings for the SPD also different? From now on, Scholz will be in virtually every Interview, with the positions of the left party faced, in particular in Foreign and security policy.

There, in the Bundeswehr, in the case of arms exports, the ratio to the left of the dictators of China and Venezuela, or Russia's Putin, is the Playground of the Old - left radicals with a common K-group experience. Here is the attitude of the offender crouching, the people are not able to quite discover the injury, preferably in China, Russia, or Venezuela. But hopeful sign that the socialism is not yet died. Today, Scholz says, whether it come to be red-Red-Green, hanging from the other. Can be. But the questions then you will be in front of him, the social-democratic Frontrunner.

the Green Stay finally. Scholz personally to ensure that the SPD in the polls and in the end pushes in the elections back in front of the Green. The calculation goes like this: Is Angela Merkel, the Union is the most important social Democrat. She alone was good for about five percent of voters vote for the Union. To your point, Scholz occurs. This sounds mostly theoretical. To understand why, the will work hardly so, as the social Democrats, Ralf Stegner have been painted, the psychology.

What is get exciting for the choice of the people: the social democratic policy of social-Democrats presented to or social-democratic policy of a Christian Democrat? The former is expected, the headlines grow up but from the Second. Even now, the party speculates Chairman esque about a social-democratic Government under the leadership of the Green. Self-awareness is different. Actually, that was the first stitch against the newly appointed Chancellor candidates. Since Scholz had begun not even his Electoral prospects in the rosiest picture.

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