Melbourne in 2. Lockdown: 3 Corona-errors, an alarm signal for us

In Australia, a rise in the number of Coronavirus-infected people since the end of June strong. At the end of July and beginning of August, the authorities repo

Melbourne in 2. Lockdown: 3 Corona-errors, an alarm signal for us

In Australia, a rise in the number of Coronavirus-infected people since the end of June strong. At the end of July and beginning of August, the authorities reported more than 700 new infections a day. This is a far higher number than the one that Australia recorded in the first Corona-wave in March and April. At the time of the peak of new infections was according to the Johns Hopkins University on may 28. March at just under 500 new infections are among.

However, Australia responded quickly and the case numbers decreased rapidly. In mid-April, it had fallen to a low level and remained there in may and mostly in June. It looked as if Australia had the Virus in the handle.

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The page that takes the development of the new infections in countries around the world under the magnifying glass, ordered at the end of June Australia to the countries that nearly made it, and the Coronavirus is from the soon to be defeated could have.

The page it was founded by Professor Yaneer Bar-Yam, who is also the founding President of the US research organisation the New England Complex Systems Institute in Cambridge. The complexity researcher knows pandemics and researched already in the fight against Ebola. In the case of among other things, more than 4000 scientists operate according to their own information, in the world.

Since the end of June, the number of daily new infections are among, but rises again continuously to see how the Charts of is. Therefore, the experts Australia rank now among the countries that are in need of greater action.

The rising Figures are due in particular to the state of Victoria in Southeast Australia. Because while most of the States and territories in Australia are currently quite successful in the fight against the Virus, is Victoria with the metropolis of Melbourne as a Hotspot.

location in Melbourne, tapers to

In Melbourne rampant for weeks, a second Corona-shaft. The situation came to a head in Australia's second-largest city so that the authorities have had to intensify because of the pandemic, the re-strict output constraints, where it is already since a month, more.

a Total have been infected in Australia since the beginning of the year 21.397 people with the Coronavirus. 313 people have died of the consequences of the infection, more than 12,000 people are already as a recover (Stand: 10. August)

Since last Wednesday (5.8.) are again closed most of the shops, Pubs and Hotels. Only shops for groceries, supermarkets, pharmacies, post offices and petrol more open may. The citizens are called, if possible, to work in a home office.

Melbourne's residents are allowed to go shopping only once a day and not more than an hour to do sports and the only within a radius of five kilometers of your home. The measures will apply for a period of six weeks, so until at least 13. September.

Many residents are not held to quarantine rules

The Australian economy is threatening because of the re-strict the Corona-lock downs in the state of Victoria after presentation of the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison significant losses. The economic performance would have to go through the strict regional limitations of public life in the third quarter across the country to seven to nine billion Australian Dollar (4.2 to 5.5 billion euros) back. In addition, it was expected that the unemployment rate reached ten per cent, a new peak.

For the currently enormous spread of the Virus in Melbourne there are several reasons:

do not Seem to have kept many people to quarantine rules. According to Andrews, about 800 Infected – and thus, every Fourth had not been encountered at Check – home.

More of the Coronavirus to 3.5 million infections: Corona fiasco in the USA not to stop the phenomenon of Corona-Fatigue: Covid-19's-Convalescent to suffer for weeks under Extreme-fatigue RKI provides Corona-Symptom-Chaos day-care centres to send healthy children to work from home half of the balance-sheet: 5 Corona-questions to which we urgently need answers to a Complete recovery not sure: Corona-patients suffer for weeks after infection.

Because of these numerous violations, the Federal government has increased the fines drastically. Infected, the failed for the second Time against the quarantine rules, in the future, face penalties of 5,000 Australian dollars (around 3000 Euro), so far, there were 1652 dollars. The only exception is medical emergencies apply. The army supports the authorities in Melbourne now. 500 soldiers are assigned to the Review of the local quarantine regulations. contributed To

Massive error in quarantine-Hotels

the increase in cases in Victoria, outbreaks have also in abattoirs, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC News reported, among other things, in a farm in the West of Melbourne.

In addition, errors in quarantine Hotels were made for the increasing Numbers of responsible. Actually, these Hotels should contribute to contain the Virus by isolating returnees from abroad for 14 days. However, employees of the Hotels and security guards had not held, apparently, by the rules, and the Virus is so common. Various reports in the media that it even came to sexual relationships between the guards and guests of the quarantine Hotels.

foreigners are not allowed to

enter Even if Victoria, and particularly Melbourne, are currently regarded as the Coronavirus Hotspot of Australia, the borders of the country due to the pandemic continue to be basically. It will "take some months", until foreigners were not allowed to enter the country, said the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, last Friday (7.8.). "We have decided that the international travel restrictions for arrivals in Australia should be continued in its current Form," said Morrison. He hoped, however, that the rules "could at some point in the future," as amended.

The ban on entry for international visitors in March. Only Australians and people with permanent residence ever since, even into the country. Also forbidden to leave the country for Australians is true.

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