Havertz counters with a double shock

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Havertz counters with a double shock
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  • Europa League 2019/20 - schedule, dates and groups Overview
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Inter Milan - Bayer Leverkusen 2:1

goals: 1:0 Barella (15.), 2:0 Lukaku (21.), 2:1 Havertz (24.)

interactive: Handanovic - Godin, De Vrij, Bastoni - D'Amrosio, Barella, Brozovic, Gagliardini, Young Lukaku, Lautaro
Hradecky - L. Bender, Tapsoba, Tah, Sinkgraven - Baumgartlinger, Palacios - Demirbay, Havertz, Diaby - Volland to The quarter-finals of the Europa League is FREE to see (display)

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Inter Milan | Leverkusen LIVE

21.47 PM: break to see!

45. Minute: Just one Minute of stoppage time. In the case of three gates and a video proof of very little.

45. Minute: Leverkusen puts on the opponent. Demirbay dares then time and shoots from distance. Deflected, Corner.

43. Minute: Sinkgraven looks after a Foul in the midfield in Yellow.

41. Minute: just five minutes in passage one. Bayer holds the 1:2, that would be a positive sign for the second half. Bosz must, however, companies in the break a little.

39. Minute: as soon As Inter lifting the Tempo, gets the Bayer issues. Especially the powerful Lukaku you can't get a handle on. He lays the Ball out to Martinez and rushes immediately in the direction of the gate. There Tapsoba is in front of the Belgians on the Ball and clears for a corner.

34. Minute: After a few hair-minutes-raising has caught the Bayer again. The 04er have defended for a long time, was not good.

33. Minute: Demirbay tries by flank, but the Referee will decide on striker's foul in the fray.

32. Minute: Diaby brings the free-kick is a lot of Position, promise out of the...

29. Minute: Wild Phase in Düsseldorf. First of all breathe! A 3:1 would have been quite according to the sign of life for Bayer is a hard blow.

28. Minute: He takes him back! No penalty for Inter. Right Decision For You! dpa referee Carlos del Cerro Grande look at the action again

27. Minute: VAR: Carlos del Cerro Grande look to it now again.

26. Minute: penalty to Inter! D'ambrosio near the halfway line in the penalty area the Ball to the Arm of Sinkgraven. The referee immediately shows to the point. But this is a hard decision. The Bayer defender pulls back his Arm even.

24. Minute: PENALTY! What the hell is going on here? Out of nowhere the connection hit! Volland is fouled in the penalty area by Havertz. The remains ice cold and pushes to 1:2. Bayer back in the game.

23. Minute: Bayer Leverkusen is overrun! In the case of a counter-Lukaku is back and alone in front of the goalkeeper. However, in the 1-against-1 remains Hradecky is the winner and keeps Leverkusen in the game.

21. Minute: PENALTY! Then it happened...Young to play Lukaku in the penalty area. Standing with his back to goal and has Tapsoba in the neck. But, inimitably, he presses his opponent and overcomes Hradecky. dpa Lukaku score to 2:0

20. Minute: Almost the 2:0! Martinez is on the right wing is strong and has the eye for Barella. But his shot from short distance is blocked.

16. Minute: How Leverkusen is now with the residue?

15. Minute: GOOOOAL! The first real Chance ends up in the network of Bayer! About Young and Martinez, Lukaku gets the Ball in the penalty area. The is well blocked by Tah. However, the Ball ends up in the back room at the Barella, which closes immediately and Hradecky untenable in the corner hits. 1:0 for Inter. AP Barella is the case, for 1:0 dpa

14. Minute: Actually, a good Pass from Havertz into the path of Volland. However, the first contact is in the penalty area and the Chance is gone.

10. Minute: so Far, no possibility for both Teams. The teams are well adjusted to each other.

6. Minute: And there's the first dangerous counterattack. Handanovic fails under pressure, the Ball forward to Lukaku, the sends on the track, D'ambrosio. But in the end, Tah can clarify his edge in the penalty area.

5. Minute: The game device belongs in the opening few minutes for Leverkusen. However, the Inter-Play is not a rarity. The Italians put on a Pressing and quick transition play.

1. Minute: No more than 20 seconds of rum and Romelu Lukaku is strong, the conclusion is then blocked but. Leverkusen must be from the beginning, carefully. Such spaces must not be a striker of this calibre.

21.01 PM: kick-off in Düsseldorf!

20.57 clock: In a game, everything is possible. Bayer Leverkusen are now fighting against the Italian Vizemeiszer to the semi-finals. Inter is seen as the favourite, but Bayer has been wonderful in the Europa League.

20.43 PM: Sven Bender needs in the short term, fit. The defender had muscular problems when Warm. For him, Jonathan Tah moved into the starting lineup.

20.10: Inter will start as follows:

20.05 PM: This is the lineup from Bayer Leverkusen:

13.00 PM: welcome to the Live Ticker of FOCUS Online. Inter Milan in the quarter-finals of the Europa League against Bayer Leverkusen in the defence on the experience of two-time Cup Champions Diego Godin and on his attack in order to Romelu Lukaku.

The Belgian striker had met this season, in eight international games five times and the Italians with his offensive partner, Lautaro Martinez is also on Monday evening in Dusseldorf to cheer. In defense of coach Antonio Conte hopes on the class of the Uruguayan Godin, who had brought with Atlético Madrid twice, the Europa League trophy.

Milan were last in the second round in the Arena auf Schalke with 2:0 against FC Getafe by. After that, they returned to Italy and flew on Sunday to Düsseldorf.

world champion Brehme doesn't believe in Leverkusen

The former Inter-professional Andreas Brehme believes in a success of the black-and-blue against Bayer. "I have no doubt, for me, Inter favorite is," he told the "Gazzetta dello Sport" on Sunday. "Bayer Leverkusen is strong and has great attackers like Kai Havertz. But I believe that Conte is at an advantage." The 59-year-old Ex-world champion played from 1988 to 1992 at Inter and won the 1991 Uefa Cup, the predecessor competition of the Europa League.

Brehme holds Inter and Bayer for the two strongest Teams left in the competition and concluded thus: "I say, whoever wins this game has the best chances of a victory in the Europa League. The semi-finals against Shakhtar Donetsk or Basel is doable. And then I think that in the final, Manchester United is waiting. But both Inter-as well as Bayer are stronger than the English."

RB-coach from said Real-2018, but has an agreement with Royal PCP RB coach said Real-2018, but has an agreement with the Royal


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