Sleepless Nights: When Baby Can't Sleep: Helpful Tips for Tired Parents

Even if the baby's sleep rhythm should "normalize" with increasing age (at least that's what it says in every parent's guide), the need for sleep can vary for every child: an infant or toddler sleeps more or less than would be typical for their age .

Sleepless Nights: When Baby Can't Sleep: Helpful Tips for Tired Parents

Even if the baby's sleep rhythm should "normalize" with increasing age (at least that's what it says in every parent's guide), the need for sleep can vary for every child: an infant or toddler sleeps more or less than would be typical for their age . Especially when it comes to the topic of "sleeping through the night", many parents are concerned if their child wakes up more often than average during the night. However, this is based on the change in sleep phases and is not pathological - of course it still does not change the fact that you suffer when your baby is not sleeping. But now comes the good news: With the right sleeping conditions and a sleep aid, you can reduce sleepless nights.

1. Dream Sheep

There's more to this cuddly toy than you would think: Inside there is a so-called crying sensor with four different heartbeat-sound combinations (including volume control), which have been proven to have a calming effect on babies. Especially when they can't sleep or are restless. The dream sheep also functions as an additional night light thanks to its integrated light - and can be attached to the cot, buggy, cradle or pram with its Velcro fastener on the tail.

Here is the sleep aid.

2. Star Projector

While most adults prefer dark rooms to sleep in, many babies and toddlers shy away from total darkness. While this is perfectly normal, it does not promote restful sleep. A sleep light can help here - for example in combination with a starry sky projector, which not only changes its colors but also plays the songs or audio books that you have selected on your smartphone. The MyMagicStarlight already contains ten lullabies and five nature sounds that you can select individually.

Here is the projector.

3. Bottle light

Known from the third season of the successful inventor show "Das Ding des Jahres" on ProSieben, the world's first bottle light "Bumpli" delighted viewers and jury alike. As the name suggests, it turns (almost) all baby and children's bottles into a night light. The attachment is made of harmless silicone - without bisphenol A, BPA or FDA - and is splash-proof. The bottle light not only serves the baby or toddler as a night light substitute, but is also intended to encourage drinking and thus promote fluid intake.

Here is the bottle light.

4. Music-Mobile

This child-friendly mobile unites different animals and stars under one roof. If you give them a little nudge, they dance for your child - and if you wish, they can also play the well-known lullaby "La-Le-Lu" by Heinz Rühmann. The figures (a bear, a rabbit, two dogs and three stars) can all be removed individually and cleaned in the washing machine. The linkage is made of plastic and is easily attached to the cot or later to the playpen.

Here is the mobile.

5. Mobile night light

The little fox emits a warm light and thus spreads a calming basic brightness in the children's room. It can be operated very easily via its integrated touch sensor and also switches itself off again - after 30 minutes the TÜV-tested night light switches off again automatically. It is particularly practical here that the fox is battery-operated and can therefore be set up and shine anywhere, even on the go or when travelling. The night light is always there.

Here is the night light.

6. Bubzi Co music box

This sleeping aid combines several functions in one cuddly toy: Bubzi Co is a penguin that projects red, green and blue stars as a night light - while he plays either gentle bird sounds or one of the ten selectable lullabies to your baby. Alternatively, you can use the music box to emit white noise, i.e. a sound that you know when you want to change a radio station. It has a calming effect on children, since they have already heard similar sounds in the womb.

Here is the music box.

Recurring rituals such as fixed bedtimes are an effective way to help your baby fall asleep or sleep through the night. In order to increase your child's willingness to fall asleep, you can also create optimal sleeping conditions. About by:

a comfortable room temperature (between 16 and 18 degrees)

a smoke-free atmosphere (especially in the children's room)

an air-permeable mattress cover

a sleeping bag (instead of a blanket)

the renunciation of cushions or skins

But you can also help if your baby is not sleeping. Try to heed the following tips and avoid the mistakes that come with them:

Breastfeed (or feed) your baby at bedtime, leaving at least half an hour between the last meal and bed rest.

Change your baby's diaper before you put him to bed. An additional baby massage or a bath can promote sleep readiness.

So that your baby understands that it is bedtime, you should put him to bed from the third month. Avoid letting your child always fall asleep in your arms or on your breast.

Turn off the light in the children's room at night or at least dim it. Alternatively, a small night light can create a pleasant atmosphere.

Talk to your baby as little as possible at night and try to calm it down with a few words and small strokes.

Make the nights as uninteresting for your baby as possible by no longer turning on the lights or taking them out of the cot when they cry.

If your baby is not sleeping and is crying all the time, you can also put him in the parents' bed. This gives him safety, security and closeness.

Always remain calm and composed when checking on the baby. The more relaxed you are with the situation, the easier it is for your child to be calmed down again.

And one more tip at the end: It is up to you to get your child used to a normal sleeping rhythm. Therefore, you should always try not to train your baby to fall asleep in the wrong way - otherwise you will benefit from it for a longer time.

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