Perfume and Eau de Toilette: Spicy and opulent: These fragrances are ideal for autumn and winter

In spring and summer, scents can be fruity, fresh and light.

Perfume and Eau de Toilette: Spicy and opulent: These fragrances are ideal for autumn and winter

In spring and summer, scents can be fruity, fresh and light. For autumn and winter, on the other hand, heavier, spicier scents are ideal. Here are ten classics and novelties that are suitable for the colder days - for men and women.

"Seductive Noir" by Guess is a sensual, oriental fragrance and therefore the ideal companion for autumn and winter. The base notes of the women's fragrance include Haitian vetiver, vanilla and light suede - a combination that radiates warmth and security.

"L'Interdit Rouge" by Givenchy is also elegant: the white accord - orange blossom, sambac jasmine and tuberose - meets darker, mysterious notes of patchouli, vetiver and ambroxan. A sensual, romantic fragrance that is great for the colder months.

"Ginza" by Shiseido combines woody notes with floral ones. The heart notes include jasmine, magnolia and Japanese orchid petals and hinoki wood. Sandalwood and patchouli complete the perfume. A feminine, intense and autumnal fragrance.

The perfume "Pure XS for Her" by Paco Rabanne is very aromatic, extraordinary and sweet: The fragrance combines notes of popcorn, ylang-ylang and vanilla and exudes comfort and sensuality.

Another perfume that fits in perfectly with the fragrances for autumn and winter is "J'adore" by Dior. It combines floral-fruity notes and the essence of Damask Rose from Turkey. It is sensual but not too heavy and has an exciting fragrance.

An opulent, luscious men's perfume and therefore well suited for the darker seasons is "Homme Intense" by Dior. The scent is woody and combines notes of iris with the musky and fruity accents of Ambrette seeds from Ecuador. A dry, long-lasting oriental fragrance that can easily be worn in everyday life.

Base notes of vanilla and heart notes of soothing lavender make the oriental "Phantom" eau de toilette by Paco Rabanne an everyday fragrance that is not too heavy in autumn and winter, but not too fresh either.

If there is an autumn fragrance par excellence for men, it must be the "Boss Bottled" eau de toilette from Hugo Boss. It is one of the most successful fragrances, has aromatic-fruity notes in the top note - especially due to the red apple - and appears particularly autumnal and wintry with cinnamon notes.

With base notes of moss, precious woods and tonka bean as well as top notes of black pepper, blood orange and spices, "Men Kalan" by Parfums de Marly is a true autumn fragrance - and a luxurious one at that. It is particularly noble and very spicy. Heart notes of cashmere wood, lavender and orange blossom round off this special perfume.

"L'Homme" by Prada is characterized by the contrast between coolness and lightness, between feminine and masculine facets. The woody scent combines base notes of patchouli with top notes of iris and amber and heart notes of neroli and geranium.

Tip: Fragrances last particularly long if you apply them directly to the skin, for example on the wrist, neck, in the crook of the arm or in the décolleté - ideally close to the shower when the pores are open. It is best to put on jewelry after applying the fragrance, as not all jewelry tolerates spraying. And: perfume usually lasts longer than eau de toilette.

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