Coronation ceremony: King Charles invites Meghan and Harry, but not their children at first

Parents are invited, but children are not.

Coronation ceremony: King Charles invites Meghan and Harry, but not their children at first

Parents are invited, but children are not. This is reported by the British "Telegraph". And with that, King Charles seems to have found a compromise that won't make the Sussex couple happy. And it gets worse. There is simply silence about the monarch's grandchildren. The paper reports Prince Harry and Meghan have been invited over the past few weeks, but no mention of Archie or Lilibet has been made in the Buckingham Palace correspondence.

Meghan and Harry therefore do not know for certain whether their children will be there. They have also not yet confirmed whether they will attend the coronation ceremony of King Charles III under these conditions. at Westminster Abbey on May 6th.

The negotiations seem to be going sluggishly. The pair are said to have been told that they must first confirm their attendance. And only then will they talk about their children.

In theory, all variants are still open. They could come as a couple, Harry could come alone, or they could cancel. In fact, the concrete planning of the event is well advanced, according to the "Telegraph". And with the couple. A source said it's "always easier" to make arrangements first for guests who don't show up than to add them to the program later. If high-ranking guests like the Sussex couple don't show up, their gap in the ceremonial must be filled. Other guests then surprisingly move up in the order - they should be satisfied. Conversely, a later insertion of the high-ranking couple would lead to the downgrading of other guests. When asked if Archie and Lilibet were invited, the outlet's source declined to answer, saying they were "very young".

The paper believes the Sussexes will not be satisfied with the difficult planning and will encourage them to believe that they have always played "second fiddle" to the heir to the throne. But they can't just turn down the invitation. With that they would cut the last ties to the royal family. The globally televised event should also increase their awareness and market value.

The participation of Archie nor Lilibet is so highly political because the other children of the royal family will definitely have a role to play in the ceremony. Including even the grandchildren of the queen. Her son Tom Parker Bowles has been playing an increasingly important role in royal life in recent months. He has two children aged 15 and 13. Camilla's daughter, Laura Lopes, has a 15-year-old daughter and twins, aged 13. The Sussex couple are unlikely to be satisfied with the explanation that their children are far too young to be involved in the coronation.

The "Daily Mail" reports on the same event, with reference to its own source, that there is no place for the couple to be the center of attention anyway. So they shouldn't be present at the traditional appearance on the balcony. This appearance is important because the royal family can be more informal here. During the actual coronation, the ceremonial dictates the roles, leaving little room for personal moments.

The press campaign of the two is also said to have turned the family against them. Many family members would not want to socialize with the couple. A family friend told the paper: "You will get the cold shoulder from a lot of relatives. One said to me: 'I hope you will be alone on an island.' A lot of the family just doesn't want anything to do with them anymore. If they need to see them at the coronation, then so be it, but they don't want to associate with them."

Quelle: Telegraph, Daily Mail