Christopher Kohn: "AWZ" farewell - and then?

Christopher Kohn (37) leaves the RTL Daily "Everything that counts".

Christopher Kohn: "AWZ" farewell - and then?

Christopher Kohn (37) leaves the RTL Daily "Everything that counts". The last episode with him will be on RTL (or RTL) on November 25th. The actor is now dedicating himself to a completely different project: together with his best friend Alexander Ziegenbein, he is starting the podcast "Advice among friends". In the first issue, which will be available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts from 6 p.m. this Thursday (November 10) (also as a video podcast on YouTube), the two friends talk about first dates, ghosting and the worst dating, among other things -breakdowns.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Christopher Kohn talks about the difficult farewell to the series, his new podcast and his professional and private plans for the future.

Christopher Kohn: My last week of shooting was really very emotional. I had tears in my eyes every day. I put so much love into my role that of course it was very difficult for me to say goodbye. I will miss the daily shooting and the great team on the set of "Everything that counts".

Kohn: I was allowed to play incredibly great stories. "Finn" had a tremor, was addicted to pills afterwards, almost died four times... So much has happened that countless moments will remain in my heart.

Kohn: Definitely. I've been thinking about where I could spend my life in the future for several years. Something with a beach, palm trees and sea would be great. But for that I have to earn a little more money. (laughs)

Kohn: "AWZ" will always be a big part of my life and I would never rule anything out completely. However, my role said so beautifully at the end: "At the moment there are no plans to return.".

Kohn: I said the term in an interview and meanwhile I think it's perfect for the project. We care about mental health. But we want to approach the topic with fun and entertainment. That's why there is a large portion of entertainment. Zack: Mentaltainment. I've been doing Advice Between Friends on my Instagram channel for a while. But I really wanted to answer the questions in more detail, so now the podcast. I've been working with UFA since "AWZ" and have great confidence in the creativity of my producer Lisa Hochhausen.

Kohn: The plan is not to draw any boundaries at all. I want to be honest with my community, and I certainly don't want you to feel like I know better. That's not the case. I too have had bad days, self-doubt and unpleasant experiences. But I'm fighting to make things a little better for all of us.

Kohn: I have my fixed routine in the morning. I read a lot, I deal with myself a lot and I've had a few conversations with therapists. Mental health is very important to me. For years we've been taught that we need to improve our looks to keep up. The obsession with beauty has distracted us from the important issues. Now it's time to look inside.

Kohn: I'm currently trying new things and concentrating more on the topic of "entertainment and moderation". But of course I'm an actor and I always will be. Anything that feels right to me, I will do.

Kohn: I hope that "Advice among Friends" will reach a lot of people and that everyone will have a good time with the podcast. For me and my family I hope for health, fun and of course the necessary happiness. I'm open to everything and looking forward to the new year.

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