Tumult-scenes, Sing my Song: Michael Patrick Kelly freaks out on stage

Tearful, she was so far, the current season of "Sing my Song": If a Rapper MoTrip, Max Giesinger, Ilse DeLange, or Nico Santos - has cried in every episode so

Tumult-scenes, Sing my Song: Michael Patrick Kelly freaks out on stage

Tearful, she was so far, the current season of "Sing my Song": If a Rapper MoTrip, Max Giesinger, Ilse DeLange, or Nico Santos - has cried in every episode so far. Not with me, thought Jan Plewka, apparently. The singer of the Hamburg band Selig told in the fifth result, while in detail of the highs and Lows of his life, but tears no. Instead, the evening was smashed a big Party full of laughter and Grouphugs to Michael Patrick Kelly at the end of a sudden his guitar...

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Blessed wrote at the beginning of the 90s, the years of music history, because they were the first German Band that made Grunge and Rock with German lyrics. "I hope I can remember everything! Can not be that I remember some ...", joked Plewka. What he knew, after all, The Band has established itself in a Hamburger Bar. "We had a Vision that we want to be the biggest rock band in the UK ever," said Plewka. One of their first Hits was called "Is it important". Ilse DeLange from the Dutch Band The Common Linnets transformed the piece into a rocking Blues. Selig's biggest Hit, interpreted by LEA re: Full of fervor into you ned the ballad "Without you".

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"As you've experienced this incredibly successful time? You have this stereotype of 'Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll' really lived?", Michael Patrick Kelly Plewka asked. "Oh, Yes, competed Yes. I mean, why would you start a Band? We were 21, because the testosterone is pulsing. As a Band, you're a free state. You're all the time in lawless areas on the road and can do what you want. Everywhere, the temptation beckons, and you to attack," said Plewka refreshingly honest.

But Blessed is it to have exaggerated at the time. "We just did not break, and the greater our success, the more diminished my self-consciousness," said Plewka. "I looked at the time, very bad. My wife Anna has me Packed into the car, and we are hut to Sweden in a wood. The demons sweat it out." Blessed are dissolved completely at odds. With guitarist Christian Neander Plewka have spoken ten years not a word - until he has a heart summed up in 2009, and called to him. A little later the Band returned with a new Album.

Today is a clear rule, have Blessed make: sufficient breaks. The Song "Everything at once" was, therefore, as a warning to him to not overdo it, said Plewka. Something also had to learn Max Giesinger in the first place. "Just because it has taken me so long to my career in travel," he said. "In 2016, I've said everything and at some point you think, I don't want to talk to you today and Max Giesinger be." Giesinger made from "Everything at once" is a Folk Version with Banjo and brought his colleagues in order for all to Dance.

The Song of the Evening, however, provided (for the third Time!) Rapper MoTrip. He was "chosen From eternity to eternity", an Ode to love. "If there is more than this life / I would go with you," it reads. "I have the feeling that you're asking the question. I would not presume to lecture you, but I want to try to give you an answer," said MoTrip. "There is more than this life and I want to go with you," he sang in his reinterpretation and added a Rap. "This man is thrilled to be a miracle," said Plewka.

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"will You be next year 50. What moves you?", wanted Kelly to know then Plewka. "There is nothing more Beautiful than this planet, but there is so much out of balance," said Plewka. "The poles are melting, our children go to the street and demonstrate for your future. We should connect them!" This is Selig's new Single "Everything is", the Plewka, together with Blessed-guitarist Christian Neander presented for the first time live.

In a similar vein is the piece "fire and water", which was Michael Patrick Kelly to the completion of the Best goes. "I find this Song as an appeal that we stop, finally, to destroy each other and make this planet a break," he said. As he played the Grunge-Rock piece, was going through his anger with him and he smashed his guitar on the floor. Jan Plewka rushed to the stage, in order to prevent the fracture of wood in a scuffle. But too late: Kelly was not going to stop. They are staring in disbelief at the surrounding Stars. "Man, Paddy, the nice guitar ...", whined Plewka. "Sometimes, rich words, sometimes we need to be shaken, so that what is changed," said Kelly of his action. "I have an idea: We can make as a work of art out of it and have an auction for the environment!"

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