You deserve as much as your neighbor?

In the year 2019 the monthly earnings of all Federal citizens on average 3994 Euro , such as the Federal Statistical office (Destatis) determined. This result

You deserve as much as your neighbor?

In the year 2019 the monthly earnings of all Federal citizens on average 3994 Euro , such as the Federal Statistical office (Destatis) determined. This results in a gross Annual 47.928 Euro . This includes special payments such as holiday and Christmas money, don't get the grant but not all industries.

For comparison: In the year 2018, the average monthly earnings stood at 3880 euros, 2010 at 3227 euros. In all of the Destatis Numbers are notional values . The sum of all income divided by the number of all employees. This means that The particularly well-paid employees to pull the average value upward.

the computer is a month's salary in Germany, Destatis

striking: average salaries between men and women differ very strongly. In the year 2019, women earned, on average, about 20 percent less than men.

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In hourly wages, it looks like this: women had an average of 17.72 in Euro gross per hour, men 22,16 Euro. The difference was so 4,44 Euro. A small glimmer of hope for employees: in 2018, the difference still amounted to 4,51 Euro.

Also interesting: On the construction of s is at most: How women of 100,000 euros or more p> earn income climbing The Corona-crisis will lead, in the opinion of experts that the wage increases fail in the coming years, significantly lower than the last time. Many farms are economically on the ground, the number of unemployed will rise, at least temporarily. This pushes the wage level. By the way, also with consequences for the development of old-age pensions. Because they are linked to the increases in the gross wages. The Plus is low, feel the pensioners accordingly.

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Here there are the highest wages

Depending on the branch of the economy, the incomes are far apart, as Destatis proves also. Particularly well these three industries in numbers:

  • Provide financial and insurance services
  • Information and communication
  • power supply

In the lines of the gross monthly salaries range from 5137 to 5393 Euro. The equivalent of over a year, that are between 61.644 and 64.716 Euro. The Plus to the Durchschnittssalär of 47.928 Euro is 28.6 to 35.0 per cent. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020, much net is left for them by the gross

At the end of the rank list, the guest ends up trades. Here there is need for employees with a monthly average of 2451 Euro per year, so just 29.412 Euro.

oil industry pays lush especially salaries

When even deeper look into the Numbers, you can see what specific areas the employees collect a lot of money especially. This leads to surprising results.

Top-3 of the income statistics
  • extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas (6783 Euro per month)
  • manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products (6214 Euro)
  • administration and management of companies and enterprises, as well as business consulting (5699 Euro)
At the bottom of the Rankings lie
  • gastronomy (2371 euros per month)
  • recruitment and Provision of personnel (2460 EUR)
  • accommodation (2543 Euro)

In the case of these two statistics is striking, the Workers in the oil and natural gas production to achieve almost three times as high income as employees in the hotel industry.

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deserve Special occupations workers high salaries

The above values, the calculated average income of all employees in certain sectors to show bring.

Online portals for content much more differentiated individual Profiles, comparisons can, however, map - therefore, their values are often different from the Figures of the official statisticians.

The Salary of an individual employee depends on many factors. One of these factors is about, what industry someone is working. Particularly efficient companies also pay well. This is in the German automotive industry-the case - at least until the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. Also it is important, however, as certain skills of workers in demand are IT specialists with a very sought-after specialist skills and knowledge. This also affects the level of income. Just as the scope of staff responsibility.

in Most cases, a degree leads to a higher gross. However, this does not apply in a lump sum. There are many non-academic professions, which are also paid lucrative.

The determined, a comparison of the Online portal for 2019.

The Top Ten occupations for Non-academics
  • regional sales Manager : 73.053 Euro
  • Pharma-speaker : 68.558 Euro
  • SAP consultant : 64.909 Euro
  • branch Manager of the Bank : 64.737 Euro
  • Employees in the Revision : 62.038 Euro
  • (Key)-Account Manager : 61.019 Euro
  • Employees in the sales management/sales management : 60.837 Euro
  • tax Advisor : 60.000 Euro
  • Business Developer : 59.599 Euro
  • business consultant : 55.240 Euro ( note : For the profession of the management consultant study is not required. Also the appropriate training or Cross-boarding are possible.)

The above income can compete with the Top salaries of academics, the also to be determined:

The Top Ten professions for academics
  • senior physician : 117.545 Euro
  • Fund Manager : 86.434 Euro
  • (Key) Account Manager : 81.104 Euro
  • specialist : 80.537 Euro
  • Employees in the sales management/sales management : 78.704 Euro
  • auditors : 76.682 Euro
  • patent engineer : 75.071 Euro
  • investment consultant : 74.149 Euro
  • head of IT : 73.170 Euro
  • in-house counsel, corporate counsel : 71.415 The salary Check (display)

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In the case of asset division in the East and the West

Finally, a brief look at the asset holdings of private households, which is, according to Destatis in Germany.

Because the figures, professionals from the Federal Statistical office also know how much each citizen has on the high edge. At least in the arithmetical average, if you add up all the assets and 41 million households shared. Then, the following picture:

assets of private households in West - and East-Germany Destatis

The Figures show that 30 years after the fall of the wall, every East German household has assets in the average only half as much as his counterpart in the West. But the East is catching up - this is evidenced by the green highlighted row of the table.

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