The long-haired pop-Rapper who conquered the German Charts by storm

to understand Apache 207, one must know the history with the Nutella-glass. The year is 2009, and an eleven year old Boy named Volkan grows up with his mother

The long-haired pop-Rapper who conquered the German Charts by storm
to understand

Apache 207, one must know the history with the Nutella-glass. The year is 2009, and an eleven year old Boy named Volkan grows up with his mother in a block of flats on the outskirts of Ludwigshafen. The small family is able to taste poor, and the mother borrows extra three Euro from a neighbor to meet her son, whose greatest wish: A glass of Nutella, the delicious Original, not the cheap imitation brands.

Pride of the small Volkan carries the Nutella glass from the net market in home, but then drops him down, the glass shatters on the Asphalt. "I remember Mama' me," writes Volkan, now as Apache 207 known, ten years later, on Instagram. "I remember how desperately you tried, in the middle of the street, the shards of glass out – in vain, so that your son can't eat Nutella. You've cried Mama, I remember.“ In this Moment, Volkan decides to become rich and famous. So mom never has to cry again.

"The DJ playing 'Rhythm Is A Dancer"

The Nutella jar and the mother is also in the Video for the second latest Single, "Bluish" on a prominent role. But based on the Videos it is easy to see that for a Rapper in a relatively classical background has produced a very atypical artist. With nothing more than a diaper wearing a long-haired Two-Meter giant of a man dancing through the video clip, takes a compassionate police officer in the Arm, and in the chorus it says: "In the Backstage is full of gangsters / the DJ's playing 'Rhythm Is A Dancer'".

in his music, Apache 207 breaks with pretty much every Convention, the German Straßenrap has ever created. On Hits like "Fame" or "scooter" the 22-Year-old ultra-simple Dance Beats, in the nineties, also in the case of Snap! or listen to Aqua have been, could be, and sings: "you talk only of coke and stabbings but you have to go, if our scooter scream again." On Songs such as "200 km/h," he sings with fervor that grade chorus that would appeal to a Helene Fischer well, at least musically.

Apache on the wooden boat

The classic Status symbols of the street, rape, money, women, cars, guns, fashion, recites also the Apache again and again. But most of the time only a little later, he lets the listener know what he thinks really: "you are just a monkey/ With a few guns/ Hot air, make a lot of Drivel/ In retrospect, then nothing," he raps on "votes". "No Valentino, but Second-Hand, fuck the price", it says on his current Single "on the Road". And in the Video to "boat" it is not about a flashy yacht, but a small wooden boat named "Elizabeth". "The Paddling was so seat small here / No Motor, Babe, forgive me / now I'm here alone", he sings to it.

With its wild mixture of Electro, Schlager, Pop and Gangsta Rap, with his clothing style from the nineties Apache207 the improbable has become most Star, the German hip-hop has ever had. On the Streaming platform Spotify his Song "Roller was played" more than 200 million Times, an alien number for an English-speaking artist, not a German Song was in the year 2019 successful. On Youtube his Videos regularly collect clicks in the double-digit million range. On Friday, now his long-awaited debut album appeared, "staircase house", no one doubts that it will land at # 1 on the Charts.

Gangster with a feeling

it appears at second glance to have a figure such as Apache to be a bit more consistent. Music and under-employed Hardcore Fans in Youtube comment columns tischer think writers have always been a dogma, as it is quite normal music listeners do. In a typical Playlist for the towel at the lake, or the blanket in the Park, it is already nothing Unusual when a Gangsta-Rapper as Capital follows, Bra, a pop star like Demi Lovato. Then why not Apache?

Especially since his casual Coolness is much closer to the reality of life of its listeners as the gesture of many colleagues. In Apache's world it's okay if you show emotions, and if you find it kind of stupid, every new fashion Trend chasing. What makes him like a bird of Paradise look, makes him, in truth, the connection is capable of.

Add to that: Just German Straßenrap has opened in the last few years, musically, like no other Genre. Artists such as Raf Camora and Summer Cem & KC Rebell have extended the German Gangster Rap to big emotions and catchy melodies. A Rap Superstar such as Capital Bra covert with a Modern Talking Song, while a dry-as-dust street rappers like Olexesh picks up suddenly Songs with Vanessa may.

"From time to time, breaks my nose,"

The age-old hip-hop Credo of "Freshness" and originality, the "do your own thing"Mantra was always a bit of an urban legend. However, in the year 2020, an artist may encounter, such as Apache 207 through a door, which would have been five years ago, still sealed. It would have been a shame to his qualities, because "the staircase" shows how this is 22-year-old long-haired giant of a man to the Soundtrack of an entire Generation: The danceable melodies. The chorus with the catchy tune potential. The joke in the Lyrics, without falling into slapstick. And this presence, if the Apache begins to tell: "It is slowly going back to sleep night / put my little sister / I driving me around on the street / and breaks my nose."

Whether the now-Schlager-Pop-Electro-Rap or Rap-Pop-Electro-to be hit, is at the end of the day is a pretty boring question. Especially the staircase is One of the best albums of the year. Like the mom.

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