Work, pocket money, debt: What is the rights of young people and what parents decide

On pocket money from parents kids and Teens decide to have no claim to pocket money, but a right to promote their own development. Part of this is that you lea

Work, pocket money, debt: What is the rights of young people and what parents decide
On pocket money from parents

kids and Teens decide to have no claim to pocket money, but a right to promote their own development. Part of this is that you learn how to deal with money. The amount the parents choose. "If there is Trouble, you should talk to the Kids first with them," recommends law lawyer Ulrike Hinrichs. "It leads to no solution, you can turn to the youth welfare office." Heirs of young people under the age of 18 years are not allowed to use it, parents simply for itself; it is years in the Minors.

shopping: restrictions

"For Online orders is like shopping in a Department store," explains Westphalia, Sebastian Gutknecht of the Association of child and youth protection of North Rhine - Westphalia. Whether such contracts are legal, depends on the approval of the parents. Of your pocket money can buy, children and young people what they want. In the case of such purchases, however, there are some exceptions, for example, if firms take advantage of the business inexperience of the young and the immoral act. It will allow the parents, allowed young people from the age of 14 alone in the holiday. From the age you are also a criminal due to age: When you commit, for example, a theft, they can be in accordance with the juvenile justice system accountable.

the approval for account opening

To minors is obtaining a checking account more difficult. 7. Years of age are limited capacity. You can then sign contracts, the parents have to allow it, however, because as soon as a Treaty is legally only advantages. Therefore, both parents, the opening of the account must agree. Exception: if your minor child to a contract of employment, it may open an account without your consent. However, the parents must be with the work agreement. Order your Ticket now! Germany's largest financial week

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To the pocket money account of a Girocard, the children or the money can pay heard often. Some banks provide the child's account with Prepaid credit cards. Sometimes a real credit card does not belong to the youth account, a line of credit you get. Reason for this is that must not be the fault of minors. Therefore, the banks can also offer you no MRP. Children for interest on a tax-free amount. Parents can apply for a non-assessment certificate or exemption orders. You may not use these allowances for their own money and equipment, in order to save in this way.

Not in debt to fall

the case of Expensive brand clothes or a new laptop on credit: young people easily fall into a debt trap. Who wants this deal should take contracts never the same in the Store sign, but with home. There is a parent or an acquaintance who is Familiar with Finance can be used to check the paper. "Strictly legally speaking, minors can not be in debt, because they may conclude contracts," explains Claudia short book by the German Federal Association for debt counselling.

but in the case of 18-Year-olds: "Many banks are approaching the full-year with a loan of 10,000 euros, to Finance your own car or driver's license," reports short book. Loans are for teenagers hard to. They are often taken without the Knowledge of the parents, because these rates at such a high level of spending to Save. "Many young adults are employed on temporary contracts and can not estimate whether you can pay off the loan in three months," warns a short book. Usually the parents a jump – if you can help it. According to the Federal Association of German debt collection companies (BDIU) are more and more young adults in debt: The 18 - to 24-Year-olds, especially in the case of telecommunications providers, Online and mail - order dealers in the chalk.

handling money

to learn Many young people there is a lack of financial literacy. To develop these, is the responsibility of the parents and schools: "If your child gets 40 euros pocket money a month and it has depleted, after two days, there shall be no advance," recommends a short book. "Young people must first learn to keep house," says the expert. Often it was better, the pocket to pay out the money weekly to keep the Overview. Here student loan is easy and fast to compare (display) The student loan-comparison

How long children and young people are allowed to work?

From the 13th century. Age you can Supplement it with light activities of their pocket money. What is allowed, is in the youth employment protection law (JArbSCHG). These rules are intended to protect the physical and mental development of young people and prevent them from being exploited by employers:

  • For children who are younger than 13 years old, is a General prohibition of work. Exceptions, theatre and music events, film, recordings, television and radio product ion, as well as necessary samples are. The employer needs a permit from the competent Supervisory authority.
  • young people between 13 and 15 years may work during school time for a maximum of two hours a day between 8 and 18 o'clock, if your parents agree to it. Are unsubscribe, allows for light Jobs, such as Newspapers or brochures, Babysitting, help with shopping, or sports, and tutoring. In agriculture, the work duration is three hours per day.
  • does not Go for teenagers from 15 years in the school, you can work up to eight hours a day, but not more than 40 hours in the week. Your working time is between six in the morning and eight o'clock in the evening.
What can you earn?

With 15 years old can take young people a summer job – for more than four weeks in the year, but are off-limits. Because you should still have enough free time to be able to from school stress to regenerate. The Kids may not already helping out everywhere: are Prohibited, for example, heavy physical Work, hazardous tasks, such as the unattended Handling chemicals and chord work – i.e. Jobs for which there is more money, the faster it will be worked. The working summer job in Bern must be between six o'clock in the morning and eight o'clock in the evening.

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However, there are some exceptions:

  • bakeries – but not in pastry shops are allowed to start 16-Year-old to 5 p.m., 17-Year-old even as early as 4 PM. In agriculture, young people can also be over 16 years old as of 5 a.m., or up to 21 hours. In the hospitality sector times of up to 22 clock are for over 16-Year-old work possible.
  • In artistic fields are allowed to work 14 - or 15-Year-old with the permission of the youth welfare office, also to 22 o'clock. On weekends and public holidays, a job but a ban for young people, with a few exceptions.

The merit for young people is different and depends on the employer. On the statutory minimum wage, you can't leave, unfortunately, Because for minors the state will not apply in the limit of currently 9,35 Euro per hour. Only if students are already 18 years old, you, like other workers are entitled. Important: students should always sign a contract of employment, to be when problems are legally protected.

holiday jobs are usually not subject to tax

For a summer job to pay the Kids no taxes and social security contributions, if certain earnings limitations are not exceeded. The tax-Free and lump-sum payments generally result in the tax class I for up to a month salary of about 1000 Euro (annual salary: about 12,000 Euro) no wage tax. For students, the distinction between regular hourly activity and a short-term employment is important: In the first group of mini-jobbers" whose income may not monthly exceed 450 Euro fall ". This can be taxed with a tax rate of two percent lump sum, or individually. Chief financial officer - Live will-Online-conference on 3. August!

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The second group of the classic summer job belongs to. In the contract of employment is not stated that he is more than three months, or a total of 70 working days in the year. The employer, the Kids at the mini-job must report to Headquarters and you taxed either with a tax card or lump sum of 25 per cent, wage tax. The lump-sum taxation is possible, if students are not employed more than 18 work days in a row and your salary is 15 euros per hour or 120 Euro per day not to exceed. The earnings will be taxed from a summer job, can get young people back the taxes at the next tax return.

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