Love in a blind test

I think I love you. This is the ultimate sentence falls after the third Date. A candidate to whispers him through a wall of a woman he never got to face. He is

Love in a blind test

I think I love you. This is the ultimate sentence falls after the third Date. A candidate to whispers him through a wall of a woman he never got to face. He is white, you black. It scores with well-defined upper arms, you with a 90-60-90 Body. But both know the other is not. They are not interested in also. At least this is so in the concept of the new Dating Show "love is blind" on Netflix.

The 30 candidates, all from the USA, should learn as people know, without the appearance of block might the view for the Essentials. The Dating Format is already added as a kind of Anti-Tinder hyped: Instead of the appearance of "love is blind" the media is on the inside. For the experiment to sit consent between 24 and 38 years, with the Dates each in separate cabins, you will hear only the voice of the other and communicate only verbally. After 10 days, you will have to decide blind whether they would marry a Person. After the first real contact up to the wedding, a relationship training in fast-forward: Sex (optional), holidays, moving in Together, getting to Know the family, wedding preparations. All in 30 days.

no one is ugly or fat, but many are lonely

"love is blind" seems like a blend of "The Bachelor", "the jungle camp" and the wedding dress knees-up "Between tulle and tears". Apparently, Netflix wants to be on the safe side and overloads the Format. The kitsch factor is high, some of it looks American overexcited, and you have to wonder, why are all dressed up, as you would enter for the "night of the roses", if it's all about the inner values. What a coincidence, too, that no one is ugly or fat. And yet you can escape that Trash scenario, at the latest, after the second "I think I love you," hardly.

get the impression that the Participants themselves can hardly believe it, what is happening with their feelings. The conversations turn quickly to existential issues, you are to confess each other's weaknesses and Fears, many people turn out to be lonely, any other exchange on abortion, and childhood traumas, you cry, and imagining the future together. Of the spectator, it is whether all of the romance, almost a bit funky. After a few days, ten people have fallen in love with so much that you want to bind for always. Can that really happen?

It can be. We are, in fact, highly prone to projections. In childhood, this even works with inanimate objects such as Teddy bears, to which we easily a close bond. In humans a similar pattern of attack: We fall in love with primary in an idea of who the other Person is. The less we know about them, the more projection surface for our desires – and whoosh, you are in love.

business woman with the status of allure means unprecedented fitness trainer

of Course this is not without a certain degree of compatibility, the checking of our brain when you Fall in love, however, intuitive. You will feel quickly familiar to you, if you meet someone with a similar attitude or the same basic conflict in life. To find out, is the cab situation. Without any distraction by cleavage, or to touch the men and women can gently tap her on the values, goals and taboos – and with your Ideal compare. In this way, people actually come, which would otherwise hardly have a Date with each other. For example, a 34-year-old business woman with commitment fears, and status aflame affectation for a penniless 24-year-old fitness trainer, because he assures her tirelessly, his unconditional love. Apparently, finally, takes it as it is.

most of The constellations are, however, foreseeable. A charming but insecure guy chooses a girl who did not invite him, but admired. A Couple of pulls, because it faces each other. Of course, trouble, and tears are programmed. Some couples wish to have at some point nothing more than to be the people that they were in the cabins. Sensitive, respectful, compassionate. Others, in turn, difficult topics can be discussed only if it separates again a wall. He lies on the bed, she sits in the kitchen. Kind of touching, but it is also relatively clear that the everyday life is eliminated soon, you should create it in the last episode is actually up to the altar.

"love is blind", Netflix

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