Julian Assange may not be extradited

Julian Assange, the founder of the Wikileaks revelation platform, should not be extradited to the United States. He is accused of because he has published secre

Julian Assange may not be extradited

Julian Assange, the founder of the Wikileaks revelation platform, should not be extradited to the United States. He is accused of because he has published secret documents about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Currently, the health of the ailing Assange in the UK is imprisoned; today is Monday a London court will begin to hear arguments for and against extradition.

The core question is whether Assange could count on in the USA with the fairness of the proceedings. It is not expected.

The Assange case is reminiscent of what has been said by a US judge, just 50 years ago. Also at that time, the US government brutally fought against a secret of betrayal: Daniel Ellsberg, who had given the Pentagon Papers about the Vietnam war to the press, was accused of espionage. In court, it turned out that he was researching the paranoid government of Richard Nixon's illegal out. The judge said the criminal process is then terminated, because the case hurt the perception of the law. The prosecution, he said, was infected with "incurable". Ellsberg was a free man, the rule of law had to have the last word.

If Assange
the Agent was his own PR Agent should be, then possibly.

Also, the Assange case is the method. This starts with the indictment, which held him first, only incitement to espionage, but then suddenly espionage has been expanded. The Prosecutor relied on a law of 1917, which was intended to protect state secrets from foreign powers. Up to 175 years in prison Assange, which would be completely disproportionate for someone who wanted to educate the General Public.

Meanwhile, the US secret service CIA is also suspected to have Assange in exile, has been investigated. Obviously, the US government used the event to all intimidate, distribute state secrets, even whistleblowers and journalists. Julian Assange is without doubt a controversial figure, an ideologue of the transparency, without regard to those whose names he calls, without appreciation for the journalistic craft. Despite all of this, but he acted in 2010 and 2011, as a journalist, not as an Agent of a foreign Power.

The Material on the plan-free war in Afghanistan and the illegal war in Iraq, the Bush administration published, was of great public interest, because it is the excesses of a great power revealed, including alleged war crimes. This scout role is not allowed Assange, of course, to commit criminal offences – as a spy, he was not but certainly. When he should have been the Agent, then, at most, be your own PR Agent. Therefore, the charge is with a view to life-long imprisonment excessive.

criminal case is incurable infected

Based on the case of Ellsberg, one could now hope that Assange as the whistle-blower of the Pentagon Papers – hits in the USA in a reasonable judge. But the mood in America is not just favorable for Assange. He is a party to cross-appeal character: The Conservatives take him for his attacks on the security apparatus of the ills that Advanced to carry with him the revelations to Hillary Clinton. And the U.S. government is positioned to Assange as President of the Trump suits.

in addition, the Los of the Ex-soldier Bradley (now Chelsea) is Manning, who has passed Assange's once-secret Material, as an urgent warning: Manning was convicted of collaboration with Assange to 35 years in prison, President Barack Obama pardoned by President Donald Trump once again locked up, to force a statement against Assange. In this climate of extortion, Assange is hardly justice.

Depending on the übergriffiger governments to protect their secrets, the more leakers, they all kind of have to rely on the judiciary. It now needs brave judges in London, which is to say: The U.S. criminal case against Assange is terminally infected, a delivery irresponsible.

Created: 23.02.2020, 21:28 PM

Updated Date: 02 March 2020, 08:01

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