Joyce Carol Oates, price mondial Cino del Duca - The Point

Joyce Carol Oates ! The immense american writer whose expected each year, the Nobel prize was awarded the world prize Cino Del Duca, one of the great prizes of

Joyce Carol Oates, price mondial Cino del Duca - The Point

Joyce Carol Oates ! The immense american writer whose expected each year, the Nobel prize was awarded the world prize Cino Del Duca, one of the great prizes of the foundation of the Institute of France, of which the delivery should have been the subject of a ceremony under the Dome.

The specificity of this distinction, created in 1968, and with 200 000 euros, is to put forward a " great humanist ". And the work of the author of Bellefleur, Blonde, black Girl white girl who has never ceased to show the social inequalities, racial, but still the genre of american society is this that " constitutes, in the form of scientific or literary, a message of modern humanism ". Up until his last novel translated into French by Claude Seban A book of martyrs in the us on abortion.

The writers know very well that the hour of work must turn around 1 dollar

In Landscape lost (Philippe Rey, 2017), Oates recounted his childhood in poverty on a farm in the State of New York, and the male universe of violence against women in which she grew up. The prolixity of the author (soon to be 82 years of age) continues unabated, one can read published most recently a collection of short stories as brilliant as dark as cut as his first novel, Die mem brer appeared in his French publisher Philippe Rey, at the same time that in paperback Little Sister, my love.

" We hope to make money by selling his product or his brain. But it is wrong. It costs a lot of writing – solitude, desire, and fatigue. And even when you are known the world over, it pays a pittance. Why it continues ? To each his response. Rare are the authors who, like Colm Toibin, recognize that they are writing for the money. The writers – I mean those that make the literature – know very well that the hour of work, revisions, and including corrections, must turn around 1 dollar, " confided Joyce Carol Oates to Michel Schneider, about oh, so many news on the situation of the authors in a period of pandemic.

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The prix Del Duca is an award often compared to the Nobel prize of literature and was able to serve its recipients to obtain, and Andrei Sakharov, world prize in 1974 and Nobel prize a year later, Mario Vargas Llosa, global award 2008 and recipient of the Nobel literature 2010, or Patrick Modiano, winner of the Cino Del Duca 2010, and Nobel 2014. Everything is still possible !

The Samu social-honored

In this exceptional year, the arts prize Del Duca is divided into four prizes of € 25 000 for the benefit of the artists appointed by the section of painting of the Academy of fine arts : Guillaume Bresson, Damien Deroubaix, Pierre Monestier, and Tursic & Mille. In its flowering 2020, the foundation Cino Del Duca gives the grand prize, a scientist at the immunologist Gérard Eberl, of the Pasteur Institute, and the grand prize of archaeology at the mission franco-hellenic Dikili Tash in Greece directed by Pascal Darcque.

found in the choice of the Foundation Charles Defforey-Institut de France the specificity of the period which gives its Grand Prize to the societal to the association 1001mots, and his Great humanitarian Award at the Samu social of Paris, represented by its director general, Christine Laconde. Its Grand cultural Prize has been awarded to the association "lire et faire lire, represented by its president, Michèle Bauby-Malzac, for his project," Read and make read Francophonie ".

Face still to the epidemic of Covid-19, the Foundation Charles Defforey, Lefoulon-Delalande, Christophe and Rodolphe Mérieux, NRJ, Simone and Cino Del Duca and Minerva wished to invest : a grant exceptional in the amount of eur 125 000 was awarded to the Break Poverty Foundation for the fight against dropping out of school.

lastly, we should Mention the winner of the prix Christophe Mérieux (€500,000 ) in the field of infectious diseases in developing countries, awarded to Quarraisha Abdool Karim for his work on the prevention and treatment of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) among women. The scientific director associate of the Caprisa (Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa) is, among other things, a member of the recent advisory Committee Covid-19 south african.

Finally, the Foundation NRJ-Institute de France (150 000 euros) on the theme "The function of glial cells" is delivered to Sonia Garel and his team.

Created in 1795, the Institut de France brings together the five Academies (French, inscriptions et belles-lettres, sciences, beaux-arts, moral and political sciences), thus supporting the creation through the awarding of prizes, grants and scholarships (of more than 23 million euros distributed each year through its foundations sheltered).

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