VW threatens to bitter defeat: the First verdict in the Diesel scandal expected | business

The car maker VW has caused with his illegal exhaust technology 2015 is a scandal. Five years later, Diesel hassle-buyers are still for their right. Now, the fi

VW threatens to bitter defeat: the First verdict in the Diesel scandal expected | business

The car maker VW has caused with his illegal exhaust technology 2015 is a scandal. Five years later, Diesel hassle-buyers are still for their right. Now, the first judgment of the Federal court of justice is expected.

VW has been equipped in the past, millions of vehicles with a illegal exhaust technology . Now, the first Supreme court ruling against the car maker is expected. A trend is already in sight - and you can't be good for VW.

Karlsruhe - Painful financial consequences and a violent image damage is expected today, Monday, the auto maker Volkswagen (VW) . In the diesel scandal VW threatens in front of the Federal court of justice (BGH) a severe defeat. After a long Wait, will be announced in Karlsruhe on Monday, the first Supreme court judgment in the Diesel scandal. This is a key strategic position - and the trend is already foreseeable.

VW-judgment is expected to: What is the Supreme civil judge?

what's VW millions of vehicles with illegal exhaust technology has. But the car manufacturer has harmed its customers, thus deliberately unethical? If so, would have to pay for the group action more customers damages . In the trial, less than three weeks ago, the judges have already hinted that there is likely to be tantamount. However, according to its preliminary assessment, it does not return against the return of the car the full purchase price. Plaintive Diesel owner would have to leave the mileage as compensation for Use credit.

VW-verdict expected: Who would benefit?

plaintiffs such as Herbert Gilbert from the Rhineland-Palatinate, whose case has now landed as the first in front of the Supreme court judges. His VW Sharan he bought in 2014 from a free dealer, used, for around 31.500 euros. As in the autumn of 2015, the diesel scandal blows up, he feels deceived. Also in his car, a Motor of the type EA189, whose illegal technology ensures that the car complies with the exhaust emission limits only on the test bench and not on the street's. If he had known, he would have bought the Sharan never, says Gilbert, and complains. He wants that VW is taking the car back and give him the full purchase price refunded.

VW-judgment is expected to: How does the use of compensation?

Gilbert car is not driven much. When buying it has 20 000 miles on the odometer. As the higher regional court (OLG) Koblenz 2019 negotiated his case, it is a good 72 000 kilometers. The appellate court judges come to the conclusion that Gilbert, VW deliberately deceived was. He had to trust to buy a flawless and eco-friendly car. Indeed, was it without the Federal motor transport authority arranged a Software Update of the decommissioning threatened . Nevertheless, Gilbert had driven the car for several years, so the advantage is had. The need to receive credit. As a result, the judge to speak to him exactly 25 616,10 Euro plus interest.

VW-judgment is expected to: What is the impact?

nationwide, there are many Thousands of similar cases , are yet to be decided legally. The Supreme court Gilbert damages to speak, would improve the prospects of success of the other plaintiffs, abruptly - and, finally, for clarity. Because of the Supreme court decisions from Karlsruhe all the dishes the lower courts are based . So far, the question of whether VW damage owes set has been answered, everywhere is different. A good four and a half years after the Software manipulations, the first BGH expected to have judgments, therefore, eagerly.

VW-judgment is expected to: Whom it helps and whom?

it is Important that could not nearly all of affected Diesel buyers damages . Only those who have been sued, can benefit. And the basic requirement is that the suit is not yet finally was judged. According to VW, around 60 000 cases are currently pending , so neither a final decision nor by comparison completed . With a customer-friendly Supreme court ruling in the back of many plaintiffs could bring your method considerably faster to an end. A private judgment would, however, still necessary. Furthermore, it would also be possible, that VW agrees with plaintiffs on a comparison, without judgment, money pays.

VW-judgment is expected to: What is a Volkswagen?

" occasion for new complaints is impossible" , says the group. Anyone who has been involved in the pattern declaratory of the consumer centers against VW and the already negotiated the comparison suppose that a renunciation of further claims, can't complain. And for that, many have decided: To group information have been completed about 240 000 comparisons, only around 1000 has been revoked . Cases in which until today has not been sued and were not even logged in to the pattern method, are time-barred in the view of Volkswagen, in the meantime.

VW-verdict-expected - and-what comes next?

The Supreme court has scheduled for July already, the next negotiations . Because of the case, Gilbert is an example. But there are also other constellations. Some of the plaintiffs have purchased your car, as the diesel scandal was already known. Some of them have not filed a complaint against VW, but against your car dealer. The other not have the Software Update,. Others have leased your car, and not bought. And then there are numerous lawsuits against other automakers - for example, against Daimler.

by the Way: What sums of money had to pay VW in the context of comparisons with complaining customers, you will see in the following Video.


Date Of Update: 25 May 2020, 03:35