So you simply bypass the tax at Ebay private sales | money

Who sells a lot on Ebay & co., the, you should think about possible taxes smart. Here are five tips for you to avoid any costs falling. Unloved pieces of furn

So you simply bypass the tax at Ebay private sales | money

Who sells a lot on Ebay & co., the, you should think about possible taxes smart. Here are five tips for you to avoid any costs falling.

Unloved pieces of furniture, not matching clothes, or duplicate Christmas gifts: Who is selling these on the Online marketplaces such as Ebay classifieds , Rebuy or Momox, get rid of Unpopular quickly – and at the same time can collect a lot of money. But private seller you need to take note of some of the legal terms and conditions – otherwise you may want to tap my foot fast to the expensive fat.

Ebay & co.: So sell it privately and keep the profits

Generally, The tax authorities don't mind if you sell from time to time on Ebay something, regardless of whether the old children's bike, the Top from the last summer or garden folding chair. Finally, it is your right, on the side a little to make money online.

Critically it is when you constantly offer on Ebay & co. items for sale. could it , happen that the tax reports for you and taxes . In order to be prepared, you should keep in mind, when the Treasury could strike.

this is a private sale on Ebay: pay special Attention to these two tax

fall If you, for example something after purchasing the same again sell , such as Antiques or jewelry, it can be that you have to pay for it income tax .

If the IRS you have not as a professional trader classifies , especially bad luck: VAT it comes to the income tax in addition, at the top. However, as the Treasury knows how much you sell overall?

The Federal Central tax office scours downright the Online-market places, commercial traders come to the bottom of this, and using a Software called Xpider. If the Software detects that a seller is particularly active, Ebay & co. obliged even to private information about him in return.

the Federal Finance court has already ruled in 2013 that you need to give out, among other things, the contact and Bank details of the seller, as well as a list of a sales. However, there is according to Stiftung Warentest, a few Tricks on how you can control bypass .

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Planned sales until after the speculation period

Who does not want to sell only used everyday objects, but also antique or new jewelry, you should better watch out: Because whoever buys within a year and sold, is liable for the tax. That is to say: As a private seller, you must take into account the "speculative profit“ in the Appendix to the tax return and enter.

This can only be bypassed if you stay under the annual allowance of 600 Euro . Tip: If you are with your sales, then you should be better to wait for a year and then the sale of the car. Then the profit is free finally, control – no matter how much you collect.

Commercial trading: in this way you avoid the features of this

do Not panic – just because you had to do maybe once a speculative profit, it means the Treasury is not equal to, you, as a professional dealer to assess. This is usually only the case if this happens often . Or, if you register in the network. "The borders are, unfortunately, fluent," says tax consultant, Dr Stefanie Becker, from Augsburg. Commercially sustainable activity, according to law, to generate income, even if the lack of intention to make profits.

But only the frequency of a role – even the nature of the offered goods is involved mainly with. the Sell you new or always the same type of product , according to the Treasury, rightly, that they have an entrepreneurial interest in it.

The same is true for marketing: Who would like to back and advertise his product in a very aggressive and elaborate photos to the web as well as its offers for a surcharge in the focus of the buying public that is quickly taken by the Treasury in the eye.

do Not lose the Overview of your sales

Although there is no exact number, when you apply as a commercial trader, however, it is believed that is over a certain amount, the tax office aware of you . "If a family makes in a year, for example, 40 listings of used items on the Internet is you will get usually no problems with the IRS," said tax consultant Becker.

"But the father brings, for example additionally, the inventory of his inherited parents' house to the man, it may be that the tax office classifies him as a commercial dealer, especially when sales drag on for a longer period of time." Coarse those Who span within extreme time – whether short-or long – tons of Offered into the grid, which is noticeable .

As a private seller own pieces

Who would not want to be in the category of commercial traders pushed the should not sell primarily its own use, items to sell . Who is selling continuously on Ebay & co. things of someone else that can quickly be taxable. Even if it is items, such as the old fur collection of the loving grandmother.

If you offer, however, old things you have to purchase, such as old toys from the past or the record collection, the tax authorities usually do not fear.

sales limits

And even if it hits once, but the income tax, you can still try to bypass the sales tax. And this is how it works: Let the tax office as a "small entrepreneur" classify then their customers must. no sales tax numbers and do not specify to the tax authorities

This is a possibility but only if their sales are in the first year only at a maximum of € 17,500. And even then this should not amount to more than € 50,000. If you keep track of your transactions an Overview of your sales time adjust, should the however, nothing in the way.

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