A FCB home match in Frankfurt?

Two words Stand used, Roland Heri in the last days very often: "" and "now". But otherwise can't communicate in times in which the Situation for the FC Ba

A FCB home match in Frankfurt?

Two words Stand used, Roland Heri in the last days very often: "" and "now". But otherwise can't communicate in times in which the Situation for the FC Basel due to the impact of the Coronavirus’ in the hour clock can change. And so Heri sits on Tuesday afternoon in his office and says: "now we will travel on Wednesday to Frankfurt. As of now, the best we are riding there on Thursday the first leg of the eighth finals. As of right now spectators are to be admitted."

But: The current status of keeps in these days exactly until the phone rings and suddenly everything is different. That's why the CEO of FC Basel can also be done two days before the match, no definitive statements with regard to the first leg. And, from the looks of it around in the return leg.

Since Monday, the for the 19. March set match in Basel takes place. The Canton police has decided after consultation with the Cantonal crisis staff to approve the discharge in the St.-Jakob-Park. Because, even in the case of a mind game with thousands of Fans around the stadium had been. This would speak to the current ban on public Assembly of the Federal Council disagree. And apart from the security and rescue forces are currently required elsewhere urgently.

meetings in Frankfurt

As the solution for the return game might look, yesterday was not yet clear. However, a variant is: "The Uefa is facing a possible return game in Frankfurt," says Heri. It is conceivable that the Basel again next week for a trip to Germany company and again in the Frankfurt stadium to compete. Either on Thursday. For organizational reasons, maybe also on Wednesday, the 18. March. Heri says: "In the run-up to the first leg held meetings in Frankfurt."

Logically, the Frankfurter would have in this case, purely from a sporting perspective, an advantage. The logic is that a "purely sporting" point of view, given the current circumstances, for as long as possible. For the FCB it comes to meet the competition, to have at least a sporting Chance of Reaching the next round. And with all the accompaniments of the Clubs must arrange. Heri says: "We are professionals and could handle this Situation."

But, of course, would be answered only one of countless questions, to which the FCB is in constant exchange with the associations and authorities, currently seeks to answer.

For example, what is the meaning of the prohibition of the return game against Frankfurt for the possible course of the League. Finally, we need to – should be given the Federal Council the current rules, as expected, continue to maintain – also in League with the scenario dealing with, what would be, if a spirit of more than 1000 spectators a game in front of the stadium. Not allowed to play in the FCB then once more in front of empty stands?

22. March in the Cup?

This question have deposited the Basler according to the authorities and wait, "as of now", for an answer. Since the cancellation of the Frankfurt-back game but on a case to case assessment of the justice and security departments, there is at least the hope that the Basel in the Super League mind can play games. If it comes to that.

And also for the meeting in the Swiss Cup against FC Lausanne-Sport two possible data for a discharge are emerging ever more clearly: On 22. March or 2. April could play the two Teams in front of empty stands to the catchment in the semi-finals.

Also here applies, that in a few hours and again, everything can be different. But it does not have used only Roland Heri and FC Basel for a long time. But also the Fans, so it seems. Complaints received by the Association because of the uncertainties hardly. "We feel grateful to be a high level of solidarity," says Heri.

Because, as the club has now also reached the audience that the constant shifts are annoying and maybe even very annoying. But that is a Problem of the whole society. And that there are these days quite more serious problems than a suspended or abgesagtes football game.

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Created: 10.03.2020, 19:42 Uhr

Updated Date: 11 March 2020, 15:03

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