General training knowledge: 5 tips for a better education

it is Worth to train to be General knowledge, if you can actually Google it? In fact, education for the career plays generally a greater role than one might sus

General training knowledge: 5 tips for a better education

it is Worth to train to be General knowledge, if you can actually Google it? In fact, education for the career plays generally a greater role than one might suspect at first glance: Who knows a lot, not only radiates self-consciousness and is transported, therefore, often faster, but is also easier contacts – for example, because he can get in on the small talk effortlessly.

General knowledge often shows itself indirectly, by can be prepared, for example, relationships between various topics. Direct education in the Job is requested only rarely. This can occur, for example, if a test is pending. (Also read: a home office due to Corona: So you organize it right )

General knowledge workout: you go on the best before

1. Follow the news

small talk often revolves around current events. If you follow the news daily to build a solid knowledge base and can put events in relation to each other. It doesn't matter whether you watch the news on television or hear on the Radio, news sites on the Internet, or read a newspaper to subscribe to.

If you watch the news or read a newspaper, which has the advantage that you are informed about different programmes and also government departments do not know that you might be interested in in the first place. So you can't have a say in politics and sports, but also, for example, something to say. And who knows – maybe you'll find a whole new area of interest? (Also interesting: New Work: These are the 7 Trends that will change our world forever )

2. You learn a different language

anyone Who travels, learns by the way. It does not have to be a long-distance journey – even those who learn a foreign language, a lot about the world. Learn not only something about another country and its history, but also discover a different way to describe the world and to classify it. It may also be that the foreign language makes you curious, to cook the food from that country, or to deal with the relevant music and literature. All of these would be good starting points for the next small talk – and by the way, you build your Knowledge.

3. You go to the thing in a playful way to

in General, education is not a very serious matter – or, at least, you do not need to be. You can train your Knowledge but just in a playful way: Watch quiz shows on TV or make use of the Quiz Apps. The Apps own, for example, to bypass waiting time on Bus or train, and to learn something. (Also worth reading: How not to act in a matter of seconds likeable )

However, it is often sufficient to know the answer to a specific question – such as, for example, the question of when the fall of the wall was, or how long is the great wall of China is. To the best of your Knowledge works in the context of: If you have a question and don't know much in this area, then this is a good opportunity to learn – for example, by googling the term, and in the subject of reading.

4. Develop your own areas of interest

you can View reports and documentaries to various topics, or subscribe to knowledge Videos on Youtube. Podcasts are perfectly suitable, in order to deepen one's own Knowledge. A good way to offer in addition to TED Talks. You are on the Website of the innovation conference, TED, for free call and deal with very different areas of knowledge. Perhaps you will discover new areas that interest you and in which you have to have a expert status to develop. (Also read: 7 tips: how to increase your productivity )

5. Read, read, read...

Actually, it is self-evident: Who wants to be to expand the General knowledge that should read especially much. Suitable material of course books, but also many novels convey the whole of Knowledge, by the way, any quantity. Important: read something you enjoy. If you are by Goethe's Choice of mates to torment, even though they may actually much prefer Mangas, they very quickly lose the joy of your reading adventure. Crucial is not how much you read, but that you stay on the Ball: Every day, five minutes are more valuable than if you make once a year a novel (and also the is better than to not read at all!).

If you find it awkward, on-the-go a book to take with you, then you are looking at a E-Book Reader require. The devices are light and handy and have an enormous battery capacity. You increase the supply of available books, by associating the Reader with Online stores or Online services of your local library. (Also interesting: how to use Stress to increase your performance )

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Date Of Update: 29 July 2020, 06:27

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