Wirecard affair: These questions today top German politicians under pressure

seems to have been implemented already more than 15 years ago, so the youngest star witness for the prosecution, in the case of the financial service provider i

Wirecard affair: These questions today top German politicians under pressure

seems to have been implemented already more than 15 years ago, so the youngest star witness for the prosecution, in the case of the financial service provider is a Scam system that was so innovative that prosecutors, stock exchange supervisors, auditors, and also the so-called balance-sheet of the police to the bitter end have noticed it.

The critical questions of the Deputy, Florian Toncar, available to the Morning Briefing Team already, refer to the term of office of the two, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (October 2009 to October 2017) and Olaf Scholz (since March 2018) and take the activities of the secretaries of state Jens Spahn (July 2015 to March 2018), Wolfgang Schmidt (since March 2018) and Jörg Kukies (since April 2018) to the visor. The Person

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Toncar has a lot of questions

Toncar want to know in particular, what is it with a conversation between Jörg Kukies , Ex-chief of Goldman Sachs in Germany, and at this point in time already under attack the Wirecard CEO Markus Braun on the private birthday celebration to be had.

  • "Have participated in other people in the conversation? And if on the part of the Ministry of Finance, no other person in the conversation took part, the reason was not the presence of witnesses?“
  • "In how many cases has spoken to Secretary of state Dr. Kukies with management personnel of the company, subject to, in whole or at least partially the supervision of the Federal Agency and against the current method of market manipulation is suspected existed? And the cases in which the Secretary of state had asked previously to have a status report to the Federal?“ Media Pioneer/Gabor Steingart Finance state Secretary Jörg Kukies
questions to Olaf Scholz

But his questions will aim at the Complicity of Olaf Scholz .

  • "the Federal Minister of Finance is aware of the conversation at the 5. November 2019? And if Yes, since when?“
  • "How often, the Federal Minister of Finance in accordance with the 19. February 2019 to may 22. June 2020 orally via the Wirecard AG informed?“
  • "Has led the Federal Ministry of Finance (labor and/or management - level) talks with the former Commissioner for the intelligence services, Klaus-Dieter Fritsche and/or with the former German defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, and/or spitzberg Partners?" Media Pioneer/Gabor Steingart Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz
questions to Bafin chief Hufeld

Toncar also the head of the stock exchange Supervisory authority Bafin, Felix Hufeld takes, of course , to the visor, which was yesterday evening, in addition to under pressure. The "mirror" reported that Hufeld the Finance Committee on 1. July told fairy-tales, by claiming that the authorities in Singapore had left the Bafin in the lurch. To this process there will be questions. In addition, the members know

  • when "exactly the Bafin information from whistleblowers and from similar sources, such as President Hufeld the Finance Committee on 1 July has reported on possible irregularities in the Wirecard AG will receive, what the quality of these (About which media they looked, there were references to specific events, names, dates, etc.)?“ Media Pioneer/Gabor Steingart Bafin Boss Felix Hufeld

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questions to Schäuble and Spahn

Wolfgang Schäuble was Minister of Finance from 2009 to 2017 itself. His parliamentary Secretary was then called Jens Spahn . Both could be on the subject of the investigation Committee. Because Toncar has questions, the politicians will fall in the time of the two CDU in the Ministry of Finance:

  • "there have been referrals of Federal Ministers of Finance since 2006 to 19. February 2019? And if so, which Minister was informed of what occasion and in what way, with what content?“
  • "How many market manipulation investigations conducted by the Federal Institute for 2016 to today, and against which companies (please, ordered according to years, specify)?"
  • "Which calls on the part of the Federal Ministry of Finance (labor as well as management level) since 2006, with representatives of the Wirecard group (incl. all participations and subsidiaries) led (for each appointment the date, participants, occasion, and, if necessary, the essential content of the conversation list)? the “ Media Pioneer/Gabor Steingart Ex-Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble

conclusion: Today, it is uncomfortable for the political leaders of the banking supervision. The Opposition is back from the Corona holidays. Thanks be to God!

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Date Of Update: 29 July 2020, 06:27

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