The choice culture of the Point : humor, virtuosity and sensuality - The Point

Relive your years-college with David Lescot ! © Christophe Raynaud de LageEn 2015, we had left the hero, I'm too scared worried about his passage from CM2 to

The choice culture of the Point : humor, virtuosity and sensuality - The Point

Relive your years-college with David Lescot !

© Christophe Raynaud de LageEn 2015, we had left the hero, I'm too scared worried about his passage from CM2 to the 6th. Five years later, David Lescot puts in scene the result of this piece. A creation funny and endearing that would have to be one of the pearls of the festival off d'avignon. In I have too many friends, the protagonist lands in the worst of classes : 6 D. One in which are not friends of CM2, but where the "popular" Basil brings his act. How to become like him, popular ? That the answer to this Clarence who wants to go out you ? Can we exist without a mobile phone ? As many of the questions that beset our hero, mocked by his little sister who comes into kindergarten. With a sense of humor-corrosive, three actresses talented and a wooden box fcl for single stage design, David Lescot describes with acuity the lives of tweens. A piece – also published a small illustrated book (Actes Sud Papiers) – ideal to better understand and get close to them.

" I have too many friends ", David Lescot, until 29 July at the théâtre des Abbesses, in Paris, from 6 to 9 October in Saint-Ouen-l'aumône, from 11 to 14 October at Cherbourg-en-Cotentin and from 4 to 14 November at the Espace Cardin, in Paris.

All the Biarritz piano festival !

the pianist Alexandre Tharaud © (c) Marco Borggreve

Phew ! this festival could be saved, with a few adjustments, but the public will be able to taste the excellence of the vintage. On August 3, Alexandre Tharaud, if fair, if intense, opens the festival with Grieg, Ravel and Rameau. Will follow the day after tomorrow, Bach, Ravel, Beethoven and Prokofiev, interpreted by Marie-Ange Nucci ; Friday 7, the wonderful Alexandre Kantorow will play Bach and Brahms... All of these concerts will be donated to the Bellevue room with, Covid-19 requires new provisions : each recital lasts an hour and will be interpreted twice (18: 30 and 21 hours). Other concerts will be given in the live steam direct from Japan.

The duo summer Clara Luciani and Alex Kapranos

Confined in Scotland, Clara Luciani and Alex Kapranos have recorded and produced their own version of "Summer Wine" by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood (the whole was mixed by Peter Juarez in Paris at Motorbass Studio, where the members of the group Franz Ferdinand have made their last album). Already taken over by Demis Roussos and Nancy Boyd, The Corrs and Bono, Lana Del Rey and Barrie-James O'neill, Heart of a pirate... And even adapted into French by Marie Laforêt (" The Wine of summer "), this time, it is in French and English that the singer of Franz Ferdinand and the new star of the French music (discovered on the roof of the Point), female artist of the year at the Victoires de la musique, interpret this as telling the story of a man stripped after a night of drinking with a mysterious unknown... On the stage of the Karaoke del Desierto where the couple shot the video, it is from his heart that the French draft, the Greek-English...

The Thousand and One Nights " of IMA

Hot and inspired, the summer Institute of the arab world, which opens to the public its open-air spaces : the vast square at the foot of the building becomes a theatre stage where the audience, equipped with headphones, the following, at their discretion, strolling actors, musicians and dancers in the program. It is open with Koltès, and continues this weekend with Variations on the Thousand and One Nights, it almost goes by itself in these places, but this varies, it is immediately the sound of the kora Baptiste Darsouant that will accompany the dancer, Smaïl Kanouté, and the actress, Clémence Agincourt. These nights tales are divided into three episodes of 45 minutes : "Shéérazade" opens the ball (30, 31 July and 1 August) "Aladin" a successor (3, 4, 5 August), and "Sinbad the sailor" closing the cycle (7, 8, 9 August), but not the programming, which continues with Yalla bay, theatrical creation in the form of a dialogue between France and the Lebanon, and with Cléa Petrolsi and Raymond Hosni (20,21 and 22 August). The cultural summer will end under the sign of the hero, in a choreography Radhouane El Meddeb in September. This particular summer, the IMA wants it as festive, with the opening of a rooftop, looks like a club (signature studio Casabey). Music of all kinds driven by a DJ, different each night (we have already seen Classics Only, and Ariel Wizman) and user-friendliness masked, except the time of drinking glasses ( !) on the terrace of the 9th floor on the Seine, and where all of Paris unfolds before you. (Tuesday to Sunday, from 18 hours). Finally, pending the reopening of the 12th of September, the museum can be visited during the day on Saturdays and Sundays, with the conservatives, and of course, as the set of activities on the reservation.

The summer Institute of the arab world. Courtyard scene, Ima summer club.

Dispatches From Elsewhere : a new dinguerie on Amazon Prime Video

The funny band of Dispatches from elsewhere © AMC

With Dispatches From Elsewhere, the american chain AMC has entrusted to the actor/writer/producer Jason Segel, the controllers of a series of anthological who looks for the least confusing and atmospheric, in the vein of Twin Peaks. In the first episode, Peter, a quadra lantern and complexed who works in the computer to a position subordinate, will discover the existence of a mysterious "Jejune Institute" that promotes the " divine nonchalance "... Our hero is then successively on the knowledge of a transgender woman, an energetic man in his seventies, and finally a sort of Sherlock Holmes black adept of conspiracy theories. All four will launch the search for an enigmatic Clara, a young girl that the Jejune Institute would hold a prisoner, to believe in a secret organization called " The Elsewhere Society ". All of this seems confusing ? Normal ! Let yourself be carried by the dinguerie and the oddity of this singular series, to discover in France on Amazon Prime Video.

Dispatches from Elsewhere(series created by Jason Segel, 10 episodes)

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