Sociology Professor: the Second Lockdown survives Germany only under three conditions

The Corona rings light up again. After weeks of cautious sigh of relief, due to the decline in the case of the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) figures reverse in Ge

Sociology Professor: the Second Lockdown survives Germany only under three conditions

The Corona rings light up again. After weeks of cautious sigh of relief, due to the decline in the case of the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) figures reverse in Germany, warns on Tuesday in front of a trend. It was "of great concern", the location is diffuse, everywhere, the health offices of the swelling, and watch out for rates of new infections. Whether it is the beginning of the much-cited second wave? Can be. None know so well.

What does it take from the point of view of the highest infection protection authority, now, however, the situation escalated: A collective that adheres to the agreed-Corona-rules. RKI-chief Lothar Wieler appealed to the population and emphasized: "we can do This together."

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Second wave = second Lockdown?

But hard-to-many, the Corona protection increasingly. You want to celebrate without worries and enjoy to the full the river banks in the cities of your evening, at least within Europe travel, not more constantly at home, holing up. Measures that would prohibit all of the state, can be introduced to more climbing extremely quickly.

As the last of them of the costs Bender bar could follow on the second wave, then the second Lockdown. But Germany would support this at all again?

the Second Lockdown in Germany can survive only under three conditions:

sociologist and risk researcher Ortwin Renn assumes. More than 70 percent of the Germans were, according to surveys, as before, ready to accept in case of doubt, re-sharper measures, to the pandemic-to reduce risk. Local Complete closures of Restaurants, schools, offices, and co. he holds because of their clear assignment to a specific infection, the cluster is significantly easier to enforce than the Republic-wide Shutdown.

"But is feasible," predicts the Professor of sociology, in an interview with FOCUS Online – under three conditions:

  • " One must come from the professional world a clear Signal: This is now the second wave and not just a minor, local outbreaks."
  • " Secondly, must be represented the politics of this view, as in the past, consistent and credible, both on the national and Federal level."
  • " Thirdly, needs to assures to provide the policy, escalation plan, which regulates both transparent, which measures how long is necessary, above all, the economic existence of the people during this time."

"We get used quickly to new conditions, we have seen six months ago as an absolute exception."

not Met, the crisis management of the political pandemic-Manager of one of the criteria that could collapse the acceptance of stricter measures quickly, warns racing. This applies, in particular, because in the perception of the Virus and its risk implications-prone since the beginning of the pandemic have set many a strong habituation effect.

"50 new infections no longer scare the people today. In January, the big Numbers were. Four million Infected in the United States and 150,000 dead they appear today, but which is negligible,“ explains Renn. "We get used quickly to new conditions, we have seen six months ago as an absolute exception." The Person

Ortwin Renn, Born 1951, is a licence, a sociologist, and since 2016 the scientific Director at the Institute for Transformative research on sustainability (IASS) in Potsdam and holder of the chair "technology and environmental sociology" at the University of Stuttgart. Among his research interest focuses on risk communication, participation research.

in Addition, many keeping the Virus today, subjectively, for less of a threat than a few months ago. The messages about potential long-term damage and permanent infections most to register. The not-crowded hospitals and the increasingly regular einpendel the everyday life but also. "This signals that, despite pandemic normality," explains Renn.

Financial security as a prerequisite

The financial consequences in the event of a re-lock downs for the Individual, the Professor considers, therefore, particularly relevant when it comes to the support from the population.

Basically, he divides them into three groups – the society aufsplitteten about in equal parts of one third:

  • people who have experienced the Lockdown as a personally disagreeable, have been able to work due to their Jobs, but, for example, in a Home Office regularly and also privileged often with the house and the garden live. "you can deal with it with a second Lockdown", is racing for sure. Some of them would have welcomed the slowing down of your otherwise often very stressful and fast-paced life by the pandemic even.
  • people, the corona due to the economically, while buffeted, but overall, so far, with a blue eye due to the pandemic came. "for example, because they were able to hold in short-time work or to your Restaurant to pay now with a lower score just yet," explains Renn. When a new Lockdown, they threatened to slide, however, in the third group.
  • people, which the crisis afflicting existential. "they have either lost their jobs, have no financial reserves or you are stuck with two children and a violent husband in the 2-room apartment," explains the Professor in the third group. These have taken the first Lockdown is already hard. "The second would be devastating."
  • Slide to many people in the existentially threatened group, this could mean fatal consequences – economically as well as motivational, warns of racing. "A majority could understand the Lockdown, then perhaps rational, but not be prepared to bear the economic consequences and, for example, the operation for several weeks to shut down."

    "We're starting to see a significant polarization."

    Therefore, the policy is now in the obligation to develop a specific pandemic Plan, "ensures that at least the economic Foundation of this people breaks in another Lockdown again together," asks the sociologist.

    Corona-the deniers make a lot of noise

    Overall, he assessed the mood in the German population six months after the outbreak of the pandemic to be much less uniform than in the beginning. "We're starting to see a clear polarization", analyzed racing. The majority still stand behind the overall social struggle against the Virus. "But there is also a group that's trying to feign death," he says. "These people did not claim since the beginning of the crisis, it would affect the Virus anyway, and downplay the danger." By, at least in this country, yet moderate numbers of victims you see now in your attitude confirmed.

    racing explains: "Translated said: yesterday I made a Party, the day before yesterday I made a Party and happened to me today. Therefore, I want to do this tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.“ More to the Coronavirus Corona-the danger Is by Breathing low? Harvard researchers doubt Aerosol hypothesis of pediatricians-in-chief promotes Opening: "the risk that schools are Hotspots, is low," researchers decode the Corona of the Cluster and find out who are the super spreader! Chart analysis shows Which countries have Corona in the handle, and which do not explode infection numbers - why the Balkans emphasises suddenly Europe Corona-Hotspot

    But these people are 15 to 20 percent in the significant minority, of the Professor. The Problem: "you are in the public debate, much louder than the majority that dutifully adheres to the rules and they make sense. This could be a public Nuisance.“

    your Trivialization of the Situation racing also keeps the content a little. "We all have fear of the return of the Virus. This is Unreal, unfortunately, nothing completely. And that is exactly why you should appeal to the offensive that you do not do anything, so it comes to a new mass-propagation. If you should come: we have a Plan, how do we, as a society, through it.“ According to increasing Numbers in Germany, Söder send "last call to all the people Celebrating in a" PCP To increasing Numbers in Germany, Söder send "last call to all Revelers," No success in strength training? Fitness professional reveals simple Trick for muscle building, FOCUS Online/Wochit No success with strength training? Fitness professional reveals simple Trick for muscle building

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