45-year-old Rune is world star: Now he will for the OLYMPICS

Sneakerne is still great. The pants are still baggy as in a 17-year-old lad. But they met with guevara and the gray splash reveals that Rune Glifberg has passed

45-year-old Rune is world star: Now he will for the OLYMPICS

Sneakerne is still great. The pants are still baggy as in a 17-year-old lad. But they met with guevara and the gray splash reveals that Rune Glifberg has passed a the age, most OLYMPIC participants can't compete with.

It is however just that, the 45-year-old skateboardlegende will. The OLYMPICS in Tokyo 2020.

In the years he has represented Denmark with his skateboard under their feet and won competitions, respect and big sponsorship contracts, in particular the UNITED states, which has been his second home since he moved over in 1995.

at Home, he is a star for some, a character in Tony Hawks famous skateboard game for other, completely unknown to many.

Wednesday was hængerøvsbuksen flanked by a red T-shirt with Denmark written on the back, as Rune Glifberg, along with more than 100 other Danish OLYMPIC candidates gathered for the press conference and the OLYMPICS-briefing in the Experimentarium.

"This here forum is something completely different than what I am used to. Of course, I have been accustomed to act with a lot of press and so on, but it's here with holddragter and 'team spirit' is something completely new," says Rune Glifberg.

"But it is also one of the things that for me have made, that I had an interest in to get to the OLYMPICS and like the sample of the aspect of the in it to sniff a little to the world and come out to show the flag. Not just to show that I can still be with, but also little Denmark can be with."


Rune Glifberg is a world star in the UNITED states, where skateboarding has a different status and value than at home.

Maybe you've heard of the X Games. Skateboarders, snowboarders, BMX and motocross riders, who are struggling to make the wildest trick with the coolest style.

X Games is recent years come into the Danish living rooms of both DR and TV 2, where Rune Glifberg has served as ekspertkommentator of the latter.

Rune Glifberg has not only participated at the X Games. He has two gold medals from the X Games. 12 medals in total.

He was at the first X Games in 1995 and has participated since 19 years in a row for the and with 2013. He won the bronze medal in 1995 in Vert and silver at the last X Games in 2013 in the Park, as he also struggles to get to the OLYMPICS in.

Since 2013 he has, however, not been idle.

"I have not participated in the X Games the last few years, due to the enough just, that I am now 45 years old, and there are a lot of new, superinteressante skaters. So there are only 10 seats at the X Games, so it is perhaps fair enough, they are not gone to me," says Rune Glifberg.

the Day before the big OLYMPIC news conference, he came home from a training ride in California. That will be wagered a little more than the last few years, but it is not the 45-year-old skateboard veteran to call it a comeback.

"This I feel is not in any way. I have all the time been on the skateboard. I have constantly competed, and I think all the time, I have been a current figure in the skateboardverdenen, if I can say it that way. There is a little other priorities, and I'm doing a little other projects, but I'm still super active on my skateboard."

the Experience of the result

When there is in Tokyo competing in the 'Park', there will be 20 participants who are selected for an olympic world ranking.

By the most recent inventory at the end of november is Rune Glifberg number 33, but in reality he is even better.

There should be maximum participant three skaters from the same nation in each competition, and at the 32 seats in front of him, tipping it right now with americans and brazilians. Why is Rune Glifberg on a virtual overview number 19 out of 20.

"I am pretty sure I am going to the OLYMPICS. I'm in the frame right now. So it just needs to be pressed on and trained hard," he explains.

The many X Games medals in the cv does not, however, that he will make predictions about medaljesucces in the skateboard-competition, which is on the OLYMPIC program for the first time in 2020.

"Right now it is very much the experience that counts. It is the fight and quest to get to the OLYMPICS. When we come to the OLYMPICS, I come to set other goals for myself. I don't want to focus too far out, but it would be fine with a runner," says Rune Glifberg.

In Tokyo turned up for the olympic flame the 24. July next year, and it's going to burn to the 9. august.

the Park-the competition – possibly with Rune Glifberg in attendance – will take place on the 6. august.

Updated Date: 23 December 2019, 12:00

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