Do you have it in your hand, when you dance around the christmas tree?

"In the loft sits the Elf with his phone, his phone...." Everyone, including the goblins, 'link', comments and are always within a virtual range. The last

Do you have it in your hand, when you dance around the christmas tree?

"In the loft sits the Elf with his phone, his phone...."

Everyone, including the goblins, 'link', comments and are always within a virtual range. The last important kattevideoer on Facebook should also be checked, before we sing about the cute furry animals that want to have a little christmas porridge. With earplugs, screen you for the outside world, and listen to music, no matter where you are.

Around the christmas tree with the phone in your hand, for the text of the songs available on the net. So you can easily just afterwards check important matters in order to beat the worst of the withdrawal symptoms down. The hangover from not having been on the web beats harder than the wildest christmas party.

of carelessness from the network is as narcotics.

the World is infected by a bacille: mobile phones. Yes, I am probably gone and become a crotchety old arguer, but better that than to end up as a mobilzombie. These trancevæsener walking around with their eyes on the screen and has turned down all other senses. Feel better the world instead of to the brand the mobile.

the Heating, care and solidarity of the teeth of the true light of christmas instead of genskæret from mobile phones, iPads and computers. When there is a lack of eye contact, presence and sincere interest in what is going on in front of your nose right here and now, draws the dramatic consequences with him.

It is actually no wonder that society is being shaken by a galloping stressepidemi, that sends the sick leaves of the place as sneflokke that comes teeming.

Young people who sleep too little and feel inadequate. Relationships that go up in disarray, because the eyes are on the cell phone instead of at each other.

the Other day I ate at the restaurant, and cell phones glowed in the hands of several guests who had chosen each other from the. Each smalltalkede and laughed loudly in the phone about the challenges of everyday trivialities with acquaintances. At the next table ate the woman with the fork in the right hand, while with the cell phone did not leave the left one in an hour and a half.

The male partner sat as lost and staring for most of the time out in the air. Once in a while fishing he also has his mobile up to establish a little contact to the outside world.

In the bus, I was very unwillingly drawn into a showdown between a teen and his father.

the Fracas was so loud, and the charges against the danger so toxic, that I with truly international fadersolidaritet advancing the pressed dad to the rescue with some cheeky comments.

"I should not interfere with me!" the girl said.

Not to confuse me? The passengers had already pulled far over their privacy through mobilsnak in the public space.

Parents trills of the place with a happy youth in the stroller, but don't hear anything other than music or phone conversation.

A couple of go with each other in the hand and both holds the cell phone to your ear with the other. I wonder if they are talking with each other per mobile? In cinemas and at concerts be checked and updated everything possible. Not strange that so many feel tired and stressed.

We can decide very in the Parliament, and we should remove the structures in society, which prepares the stress, uncertainty and vulnerability. But many bad decisions are taking people for themselves.

Select the cell phone at the restaurant, at the concert, on the walk with my bf and when family and friends are within easy reach, it has consequences.

While the christmas tree waiting for its adornment, we can take the first decisions to each other more and find that everyone grows through genuine contact.

have a lovely christmas and a happy new year.

Karsten Hønge Member of the Danish Parliament, SF

the MF is from 2007 – 11, as a temp in 2014 and 2015. Former local politician arranged and fagforeningsformand. Trained tømrersvend and has traveled around the world several times. There must be a difference in the left and right. The hot water should be hot, and the cold cold. Shoots with sharp – someone has to say it. Policy should not be unnecessarily boring. You can't be friends with everyone. Can't keep ømskindede and self-important politicians.

Date Of Update: 23 December 2019, 13:00