Stevie Nicks was a "Changed Woman" after the 'Spooky End to a Romance

Stevie Nicks is happy sharing information about her romantic relationships. This includes her tormented relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, and her deep love for Joe Walsh.

Stevie Nicks was a "Changed Woman" after the 'Spooky End to a Romance

However, she is a little more private about her relationships with others. After a brief romance with Rupert Hine, Nicks ended their relationship abruptly for unknown reasons. She said that she had changed since leaving.

Stevie Nicks met while recording a solo album.

Nicks began work on her fourth solo album The other Side of the Mirror in 1988. Hine was hired by her team to produce the album.

According to the book Gold Dust Woman : The Biography Stevie Nicks by Stephen Davis, "The night that I met Rupert Hine wasn't a good one." He was unlike anyone I have ever met. He was older and smarter than I was, and that was something we both understood. Before we started discussing music, I hired him to record the album. It was as if we had made some kind of spiritual agreement to make a magical album.

To work on the album, they rented a castle in Hollywood Hills for six month. Nicks and Hine developed a romantic relationship during this period.

The mysterious ending of the relationship was unexpected

Nicks and Hine decided that the album would be finished in Hine's London studio. She flew to England after spending Christmas with her family. She planned to stay for several months in the early 1990s. They spent some time at Hine's house north of London, but she had to fly back to New York to record with Bruce Hornsby for two days.

They returned to London but Nicks was only there briefly. Davis claims that Nicks and her entourage fled Hine's house in a sudden and mysterious manner.

Nicks said that it was "somewhere outside London." It was like being in a cottage, in Wales. The atmosphere was unlike anything I've ever experienced. It was then that Rupert experienced something that made it impossible to be together ever again.

She said that the experience had profoundly impacted her.

"I left him there... The rooms were still burning but the fire had been stolen. It wasn't about love. In fact, it had nothing at all to do with love. It was just a terrible situation. I returned to Los Angeles as a changed woman.

Stevie Nicks is single, but she has been a romantic all her life.

Nicks is content to live her single life. She keeps company with her dog, her family, and her godchildren. She considers herself a romantic, and she wouldn't mind being in a relationship with someone else.
"I won't be going out with anyone. Nicks stated that he hasn't been out with anyone for a while. "But I will admit, I am always romantic and I don't mind if you happen to see someone that catches your attention on a street corner. It's happened to us a million times. Could I really fall in love with 72-year-olds and then run away? Yeah. Although it is unlikely, it is possible.