Eyebrows Raised by Inflatable Dinosaur in Leicester Square

Anyone who has been to Leicester Square in London knows that there are many amazing sights and strange things to see. However, the giant inflatable dinosaur is quite unusual.

Eyebrows Raised by Inflatable Dinosaur in Leicester Square

But it's not just the appearance of the giant green dinosaur, but the inflatable's interestingdesign that is making heads.

The base of the dinosaur is made up of two large balls. Its neck and torso grow out from these balls and the bulging head rests on top.

That's it, two balls, then a shaft-like, bulging body at the end.

The penis-like appearance of the dinosaur is just in case it's not obvious enough.

It's a huge d**kosaur. A pterod**ktyle. A d**klodocus.

The dino's designers will not be embarrassed. In fact, they are exactly what they hoped for.

It turned out that it was actually built to promote Jackass Forever.

Yesterday's eagerly awaited film, Friday 4 February, was released. It sees the old gang reunited to perform more difficult-to-watch stunts or pranks.

Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Chris Pontius are joined by Wee Man and Danger Ehren, Preston Lacy, and they take on all kinds of animals, including snakes and bears as well as giant cannons.
However, the original cast, now in their 50s and 40s, say that some moments stand out for all the wrong reason. They
shared these moments with LADbible.

Steve-O was asked if there was a stunt he would never do again. He replied, "Yeah, it's called Fire Angel."

Johnny Knoxville, Johnny's co-star, said: "Oh God! That was terrible!"

For a comedy special in 2017, Steve-O (47) made snow angels using jet fuel. This stunt landed him in hospital.

He said, "I don’t ever want to have skin surgery for third-degree burns again."

Pontius (47), was involved in a stunt that involved a glove filled with bullet ants during filming WildBoyz with Steve-O.

He explained to us that it was called the Glove of Ants. This is the rite of passage performed by the Amazon tribe when the boys reach the age of 18.

They have to wear a glove made of bullet ants. It's the most painful sting in all of nature. It's like being shot by a bullet. You get stung hundreds upon hundreds of times and endure pain for 24 hours. There is nothing you can do.

"I would never do it again. It was the most horrible experience of my entire life. It was like the devil had entered my arm. It's something I don't like to think about. You know what? There are many things I enjoy doing once, but not again.

"I recently did something with bull sharks, where I matadored them. It was kind of close to getting bit. Getting bit once by bull sharks is the end. It was a great experience and I am glad that I did it. It's not something I need to do again.