Results of Eubank vs Williams: Caroline Dubois makes her pro debut with a shutout decision

Olympian Caroline Dubois moved up to the Cardiff pro ranks after a great move.

Results of Eubank vs Williams: Caroline Dubois makes her pro debut with a shutout decision

Caroline Dubois was unable to win a medal at Tokyo Olympics for Great Britain. However, she made a great pro boxing debut today in Cardiff. She defeated veteran Vaida Masayokaite in six rounds.

Referee Chris Jones scored Dubois' bout 60-54 (1-0). Dubois, 21 years old, is still a young fighter who has a lot to learn and a lot of skill to improve. However, Jones noted that Dubois, who is a lightweight, shows great promise. There's always some talent on the women's end of the sport.

Masiokaite (2-15-4-1, 1KO) isn't exactly a pretty fighter. However, the 34-year old Lithuanian has made a career of testing prospects on British soil. She's fought the likes Chantelle Cameron and Rhiannon Dixon twice, as well as Tasha Jonas in London last November. Masiokaite almost lost her fight at one point but she showed tremendous determination and held on to her position just in time to touch down on the mat.

Dubois was the younger sister to heavyweight prospect Daniel Dubois. Although it seemed like he had some nerves during the fight, that was easily admitted afterwards. However, overall, you couldn't have asked for a better debut.

To be honest, it was incredible. It was incredible to see the crowd. It was a great atmosphere and I'm glad to get it over with," she stated about the debut. "Seeing everyone and my dad, I could see my brother waving. I was nervous and I rushed my work. I would have looked much better if I had just sat down and boxed.

Dubois answered a question about the differences between pro and amateur boxers. He said that he could see more with no headguard. This was my first boxing experience without a head guard. It's quite a different environment. It's also boxing.

"As far as debuts go, I think that's a great statement. It received a great reception. Shane McGuigan, Shane's trainer, said that she has not boxed for six to seven months since the Olympics. It's all new. Although there are nerves involved, she managed it admirably. Masiokaite is experienced, she's been in about 20 fights. It was great to win every round and get some rounds in. We need those rounds, that experience. We look forward to the next round. She will likely be back at the end of March.