Nadine Dorries warns that regicide "runs in the veins" of the Tory Party

CULTURE Secretary Nadine Dories warned that the Conservative Party is "regicide-ridden" as Boris Johnson seeks to boost support for his Premiership.

Nadine Dorries warns that regicide "runs in the veins" of the Tory Party

After being told by the Sunday Express that another senior minister believed he could not rely on his cabinet's support, one of his closest allies made the comment.

When asked if he would get support from 90 percent of the front benches, a senior minister replied: "He cannot rely on that by any way."

Reports that Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, has turned against the Prime Minister have been intensified by reports that he was "sickened” by a comment Mr Johnson made to Sir Keir Starmer about Jimmy Savile.

Sir Keir, who was Director of Public Prosecutions when the Crown Prosecution Service decided to not prosecute the former children’s television presenter, but did not take part in that decision.


Yesterday, Ms Dorries said that Boris Johnson's comments regarding Sr Keir & Savile were "quite shocking" to her.

Sir Keir, Mr Javid stated that Sir Keir deserved "absolute respect", for his work as director of public prosecutions. It was also important that the Prime Minister clarify his earlier accusation that Sir Keir failed to prosecute Savile.

When asked about his intervention on Sky News the Culture Secretary replied: "I spoke with Sajid Javid last evening and he assured me that he supports the Prime Minister 100 percent. He seems quite surprised at the way his comments were interpreted.

She stated that "What you are reporting about Sajid Javid turning against the Prime Minister is false."

According to Times Radio, she stated that Tory MPs in former Labour Red Wall seats would recall that it was Johnson who won them their victories.

When asked why MPs were writing letters to Party-gate, she replied: "There are many reasons, it's actually not one. But that is certainly at play with a bunch.

"There is also a small disaffected group that called for David Cameron's departure, called for Theresa May's departure, and called for Boris Johnson's resignation. They will never be satisfied with any prime minister.

"You know that regicide runs through the veins in my party and in some MPs. However, I would add that there are only 367 MPs. This is a small number.

"And it's important that people do not get too attached to 'oh, there's 8', '10', or even 20, 30 or 30 there's 360."

She continued: "Most 360 MPs are getting on with their work in their constituencies and the vast majority of MPs. Many of them are located in marginal seats in northern England and are focused on fulfilling the promises made in those constituencies.

"Those MPs work, but they are not in safe, comfortable seats. Many of the voices you hear complaining are actually true.

"Those MPs and marginal seat holders are working hard. They want Boris Johnson to be in power because they know it was Boris Johnson who delivered their seats, the biggest election win since Margaret Thatcher. They'll be there, and that's the good news.

Nadine Dorries stated that the Prime Minister was very positive when she spoke with him within the last 24 hours.

The Culture Secretary was questioned by BBC Breakfast about why she was being asked if the Prime Minister had spoken to her.

She said that she believed that the Prime Minister had promised to change when he appeared before the (19)22 Committee last Wednesday. Anyone who picks up a newspaper or a news bulletin on television can see that there is a lot of change happening right now, especially in No 10.

She said, "The Prime Minister tells the truth."

She said that she could personally confirm that the Prime Minister makes quotations like the one you just mentioned when he stands at the Despatch Box. This is because the researchers, his advisers, will have given him that quote and that's...

Stephen Hammond, Wimbledon MP, disagreed with Nadine Dorries' description that those who want the PM to leave were Remainers or had always opposed Boris Johnson.

The Wimbledon MP said on BBC Radio 4's Week In Westminster that "all the rubbish written by some of the right-wing redtops about a Brexiter plot, that is complete absurdity." As far as I can tell, those who have so far claimed that they've sent a letter are members of all wings of the party.

He said it was "predictable rubbish coming from a predictable source", to suggest that those wanting him to resign were all members of a small group of suspects.

He stated that he had known Boris Johnson for many years. He was running for the Mayor of London in 2012 and 2008, so I was part of his campaign committee. The idea that I have always opposed him is absurd.

"If you take a look at the origin of the letters, I don’t see how anyone could support that claim. So I believe the Secretary-of-State should reconsider."

Hammond stated that he was "considering very carefully this Saturday" whether he still believes in the Prime Minister, and that it "certainly seems like" the beginning or the end.