Big scandal: All cops will now have the police commissioner fired

A new scandal hits the now the Danish police. 'Corrosive to the working environment' and 'destroys the well-being and confidence of the employees'. thes

Big scandal: All cops will now have the police commissioner fired

A new scandal hits the now the Danish police.

'Corrosive to the working environment' and 'destroys the well-being and confidence of the employees'.

these are just some of the hard words, the ushers come up with against their police commissioner.

B. T. is in possession of a highly critical letter written by employees at the Bornholm Police on their police commissioner, Kit Collection Green-Iversen, to the national Police.

In the letter, it identifies that there is great dissatisfaction with the particularly her management style.

'the Motivation and the well-being of the employees is in free fall. Dissatisfaction and frustration over the repeated examples of inappropriate, authoritarian decisions and dispositions characterize the everyday life,' it says in the letter.

Kit In Green-Iversen has previously been a director of the Funen Police, and here it has been encouraging that a number of cops was very dissatisfied with her leadership.

In the letter from the employees at the Bornholm Police called she direct for dictatorial as a leader.

'Dictatorial form of leadership without the involvement of managers and employees. A ledelsform, which greatly creates a power distance that in no way fits into a modern Danish working culture, and instead only hamper any cooperation and destroys the well-being and confidence of the employees,' says in the letter.

Kit In Green-charles dickens style called dictatorial and accused to have clear consequences for all employees of the police of the so-called solskinsø.

'She udskælder managers and employees in public and does not tolerate critical utterances of almost any character. Politidirektørens governance is therefore considered by the staff at Bornholm Police as devastating and destructive for the working environment,' says the letter.

Also, it says that some people get very good treatment of her.

'She has organizational kæledægger and predilection for specific areas, as she understands,' stands there in the letter.

In the end is that confidence in her as the boss is away.

'There is therefore no longer trust her as an organisational leader, the' ends the letter.

want the staff at the Bornholm Police, she stops as police commissioner.

At the national Police confirms the HR-director Ina Eliasen of the big problems at the Bornholm Police.

"Police have found that there is a trusting and respectful cooperation in the top management in the Bornholm Police, which has implications for the culture of cooperation in the whole politikredsen," she says.

Ina Eliasen says further that the Police have gone into the matter.

"There is, therefore, initiated measures which aim to ensure a satisfactory climate of cooperation, as well as the more obvious ledelsesveje and functions in the whole politikredsen," she says and adds:

"Police, together with the senior management in the Bornholm Police and the professional organisations, organised a course towards 1. February 2020, which will support the process so that the desired goals for the future cooperation can be reached."

Also tells Politiforbundets president, Claus Oxfeldt, that he is informed on the matter. Already on Wednesday he travels, therefore, to Bornholm, to keep confidential meeting.

But what says the protagonist himself to the allegations against her person and management style?

In an email to B. T. acknowledges Kit In Green-Iversen, there is criticism of her, and she affirms that she is listening to it.

the chief constable will, however, like to keep the matter internally.

"I am familiar with the criticism and listening to it. I take the situation seriously," she says and continues:

"Police have launched a mæglingsarbejde, as I actively participate in, and therefore find it natural to keep the matter internally."

Updated Date: 03 December 2019, 15:00

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