It costs quite seriously 10,000 per year

Alarmknappen lights in the car's display and tells me that it is time for service. I pull it a little, it is difficult to get the time. Both to get time in t

It costs quite seriously 10,000 per year

Alarmknappen lights in the car's display and tells me that it is time for service.

I pull it a little, it is difficult to get the time. Both to get time in the workshop, but also to find the time to do without the car. Well, it only every 30,000 kilometres driven, it requires service.

I remember when I bought my first car. Back then you had to comply with its service every 10,000 miles travelled. Now I can – with my kørselsbehov – keep me down to one service a year. Others need it even rarer.

It is actually very fun, because if we just replaced the word 'service' with the word 'health survey' and replaced the 'workshop' with the 'doctor' and imagined that the car was ourselves, would we view it the same way? How many of us run to the doctor to get a physical examination... not because we think something is wrong, but just because it is time?

Well, honestly: Are we in fact not our car's condition is more serious than our own health? We could not dream of filling the wrong fuel or run on a punctured wheel.

It would be foolish not to say cumbersome. But how is it now... we do not know all together what to drink something we shouldn't, and complain of sore backs without doing anything about any of the parts?

We tonser just on our sore knees and fills us with smoke and alcohol, for 'it is enough', and worse, it is also not. But if it was the car...oh!

I think that the reasoning basically is that the car has cost us so much money, that we must take good care of, for otherwise it is completely broken, and so is the money lost.

Which is logical enough. But seen in this light, it is indeed a slightly comical that we think of our own health means less. Is life not the most precious, we have?

I have just been on a trip with 'the Doctors on the beach road', which is some of them, offering a full checkup. That is to say, where you go through almost everything.

I have been tested cholesterol, white blood cells, blood pressure and much more. I have been scanned across and could be in Tuesday's go out with something that looked like a first prize in hand: A superb health.

now, When I tell that it cost 6,000 at the spire, so they think, many enough, that I'm a big spender. But just try to go back to the example with the car.

An update costs almost the same, and then there's road tax, insurance and winter tires, which are probably need to make sure that even with a small prutbil have the cost of 10,000 dollars per year.

So why is it wrong to spend 6,000 dollars on a full medical examination every five years and a less to 3,000 a year?

in Many places in Europe it has become the norm that people don't just go to the doctor when there are problems, but that they have made a check now and then to take any ills in the bud.

And it has been shown to work, when you look at the overall public health, and on the deadly end of the year by certain diseases. The curve is broken.

It damn is, of course, that the animal study is brugerbetalt country, and thus automatically cuts off certain groups of the population from the to make one.

I don't know if it could help, if you made it tax deductible, but actually, I believe it is worth thinking about.

And all of us who can afford a car, we ought to ask ourselves at least once a year: Have you remembered to get your annual health check... For your health is surely at least as important as the car, or...?

If you now belong to the great amount of people who are not so diligent to visit the doctor, then you could also just put out to let you entertain on the large and small, on an excellent Instagram profile, I stumbled across the other day: @laegeogfamilie called the; a charming universe, where you can obtain the inspiration for health in everyday life, without it being overbearing or sacred.

Oh, but it was the alarm button in the car, I came from... Good 3. Sunday in advent!

Annette Heick

Annette Heick was born in 1971. She is a journalist, tv host, singer, and entrepreneur, and is married to the chef Jesper Vollmer. She is the mother of two sons.

Date Of Update: 15 December 2019, 08:00