"The lion's den": Silkslide Pro in the test: This is how the razor beats the electric trimmer

They frizz, scratch, tickle and look funny.

"The lion's den": Silkslide Pro in the test: This is how the razor beats the electric trimmer

They frizz, scratch, tickle and look funny. We're talking about men's hair in places where there shouldn't be any hair. Or does it? The beasts proliferate on the back, out of the ears and in the nose. Doesn't look particularly nice, but there is a good reason: nose hair protects our olfactory organ from invaders such as bacteria, viruses and dust.

But let's be honest: men want to be well-groomed or at least appear to be when it comes to snagging the favor of the coveted crush. Consequently, there is nothing that a man would not do to please a woman or his kind without revealing that he wants to please - of course. And so we prefer to accept a man flu and pluck our little hairs out of our noses, than to give free rein to the sprouting.

Anyone who has ever done this with tweezers knows that it can sometimes be just as bad as the flu. Like the last idiots, men stand in front of the mirror, their heads tilted back, their mouths open and squinting up their noses, only to cause themselves horrific misery. After a successful procedure, a tear rolls down the cheek and a sneezing fit later everyone knows: No woman and no man in the world is worth this hell.

But there is also an easier and healthier way, namely with a nose hair trimmer or "nose cutter". At least that's how Alexander Weese describes his invention, which he presents in "The Lion's Den". Compared to the trimmer, the Silkslide Pro does not need electricity as a razor. According to the founder, the small razor for the nose was developed in cooperation with ENT specialists to ensure the greatest possible safety when shaving.

Also, shaving your hair is better than plucking it out. Plucking can damage the mucous membrane of the nose, leading to inflammation. In addition, the protective effect of the hair is completely lost. That's why men prefer to trim their nose hairs rather than pluck them, especially during the cold season. And according to the founder, the application is also painless.

To make a comparison, the Silkslide Pro has to face a Braun electric nose hair trimmer. The left nostril of the tester is processed with the electric trimmer. Blow your nose, clip the trimmer head onto the razor, switch it on and straight into the tines. The procedure takes less than a minute and the left nostril is already finely trimmed. All without tugging and tugging.

The right nostril gets the wet nose. To do this, the right nostril and the nose must be slightly moistened. Important: There is an arrow on the Silkslide Pro in the direction of which the nose razor must be turned so that it can do its job properly. Five turns later, the tester is certain: Compared to the electric trimmer, the Silkslide Pro is more uncomfortable to handle, more unpleasant to the nose and, on top of that, not as thorough. There are several reasons for this.

First, a wet nose feels kind of uncomfortable. Secondly, the blades in the Silkslide Pro meant that the test user operated on the nose with extreme caution to avoid cutting injuries. Thirdly, the sniff creates the feeling that wet shaving enthusiasts know when the blade becomes dull and pulls on the whiskers rather than cutting them clean, which could be due to the length of the nose hairs. And fourthly, the result is not as thorough as with the electric trimmer. That may be because the tester didn't build up enough pressure for fear of cuts.

But none of these problems existed with the electric trimmer. And all these reasons speak against the razor and for the classic trimmer. Only the advantage of electricity-free use remains.

The Silkslide Pro is a product that the tester doesn't really need. In addition to the experiences mentioned above, this is also due to the price of 8.99 euros. Of course, the Silkslide Pro can be used several times. But eventually the blade wears out. It cannot be replaced and then a new Silkslide Pro must be purchased. For comparison: Electric nose hair trimmers from brand manufacturers like Philips cost around 15 euros. And they should last at least as long (if not longer) and achieve the same result.

Alexander Weese offers 20 percent of his company shares for the investment sum of 250,000 euros. You can find out tonight at 8:15 p.m. on Vox whether a lion or a lioness was won over by the wet razor for the nose.

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