Warren Buffett in the review: investors lose confidence in the veteran

Hardly anything Warren Buffett is likely to anger currently, as the view on the own stock price Since the beginning of the year the papers of his Investment Hol

Warren Buffett in the review: investors lose confidence in the veteran

Hardly anything Warren Buffett is likely to anger currently, as the view on the own stock price Since the beginning of the year the papers of his Investment Holding company Berkshire have lost Hathaway 15,36 percent. Not an absolute disaster, considering about the Performance of the cruise-share, sure.

Nevertheless, Buffett's stock lags behind the market significantly. The Dow Jones has reduced his year minus now 6,61 percent. With this loss, it is not Peanuts, considering that the A-share Berkshires is the nominal most expensive stock in the world. For a single paper, investors need to lie down for almost the price of a house – currently 289.436 dollars.

Berkshire investors push hundreds of millions of back and forth

The A-share switched last more often than usual, the owner. This is only because of the high price and the fact relatively narrow market unusual. Because only a few investors trade at all with the A-share and not with the clearly compatible with the fractional B-share (currently about 192 dollars expensive).

Normally, the daily volume of A-share in US trade is in the range of 200 to 400 pieces. At present, however, the daily envelope is scratching sometimes at the four-digit range, to be alternated at the beginning of the crisis in 1861, A-shares in one day, even the owner. At The Time Of The Course: Some 272,000 Dollars. On this day, investors pushed so let's just the equivalent of a half a billion dollars and forth. With Stock Selection in Europe, you will be able to achieve excess Returns with the System. You put on the strongest trend signals from Germany and Europe. Long and Short. So make your investment a success, regardless of the DAX level. (Partner quote) Here is an exclusive free trial!

a brisk trade is quite understandable, is the Buffett-Holding but, so far, one of the largest Capital burners of the exchange year. According to "MarketWatch" lost Berkshire, in this year of 90 billion dollars in stock market value. Only in the case of JPMorgan , Wells Fargo , Bank of America and Exxon mobile billions more were lost.

the fifth-largest Capital-burners of the market year,

One of the reasons for the sell-off, notes "MarketWatch", is likely to be that Berkshire itself is enormously invested in the Capital burners. Data from the most recent 13-F Filing (the middle of may, submitted) show that Buffett held on to his Holding at the end of March, approximately 925 million shares of Bank of America, 323 million shares of Wells Fargo, as well as 57 million JPMorgan securities.

The Filing shows no change in the holdings of the JPMorgan securities. Buffett gave the bulk of these papers already at the beginning of the year. Value of these shares to the beginning of the year: Around EUR 59.9 billion dollars. Current Value: 36,85 Billion Dollars. With his long-time favorites Buffett, in this year, no luck.

all the same, Buffett's cushioned 245 million shares, heavy package on the iPhone-manufacturer Apple, these losses something. The value of Buffett's Apple papers has increased since the beginning of January to about 17.5 billion dollars.

it has Yet done, in Berkshire, a total of little. Buffett's only notable Deal is the purchase of Pipelines from the provider Dominion Energy for 10 billion dollars. Meanwhile, an entry into the market would have brought in the months of March and April, easily yields of 46 percent, (Dow Jones and S&P 500) to 56% (Nasdaq 100).

Even longtime Fans complain about Buffett

to hold The overslept Buffett and Berkshire, the former Fans of the old masters. The US asset Manager David Merkel, a long-time Buffett Fan, wrote in mid-may, visibly disappointed: "I've got about half of my Berkshire shares sold, after I know that Buffett has done during the recent crash on the stock exchanges of nothing." According to Merkel that there had been enough opportunity to acquire in March real values at reasonable prices. "You don't have to cut the whole chunk of [the $ 137 billion of Berkshires cash] out of it, but certainly you could buy anything," said Angela Merkel.

The Investor was shortly clear that he still has about as much Berkshire stock as to the beginning of the year, but he'll probably "sell the Rest of my papers" yet. According to Merkel, the question is whether Buffett's view about how cheap the market could still be, just be out of date place – "considering how nervous the economic decision-makers are". The Investor thus plays on the billion, which invest in the U.S. government and the Central Bank, the Fed, in order to prevent a collapse. Bernecker exchange - compass orientation for your Depot. Clear. Compact. Competent. (Partner offer) Now for 30 days completely free trial!

With his criticism of Merkel is not alone. The investor magazine "Barron's" over the Berkshire Investor Bill Smead said that Berkshire needed to be more aggressive. Smead pleaded for the entry of an activist Investor in the case of Berkshire, such as Bill Ackman and his hedge Fund Pershing Square, which is already invested in Berkshire.

"We don't have the stock to obtain capital. We hold on to the shares, in order to build wealth”, ranted Smead. The Investor, according to Buffett before going too defensive and was positioned for a recession scenario, which have at best a 20% Chance. With the Cash reserves in the Berkshires, so Smead, could buy the Holding at least its own shares.

Buffett takes a long-spurned buyback

Smead gets quite possibly, what he requires, at least a little. Because documents with the securities and exchange Commission indicate that Buffett will buy back the process of being strengthened of its own shares. In addition to dividends, this is the fastest way to the profits of an enterprise to return to the investors – although, of course, shares are surrendered.

The Blog "Rational Walk" according to the 10-Q (quarterly report) show Berkshires, as well as Buffett's own shares shares in the Holding company that the number of outstanding A-decreased share between March and July 19.374 shares. It follows: Berkshire has bought back in recent months, for about $ 5.2 billion of their own papers.

"Rational Walk" indicates that the whole extent of the buybacks in mid-August, figures for submission in the next quarter, you should be. Then the next 13-F Filing is imminent. Each asset Manager in the United States, manages over $ 100 million, must be set 45 days after the end of the quarter the positions in the document.

so Far, Buffett repurchases praised, when it came to his own positions, kept in the Treasury shares, but always in order. Until 2018 overturned Buffett and his chief advisers, Charlie Munger, a rule to buy back after the Berkshire shares to a maximum of 120% of their book value may – a for the assessment of the level of the past few years, quite a strict rule.

time for a successor?

in Spite of everything shows the back also a purchase: Buffett currently has little ideas. "Don't get me wrong, I admire his [Buffett's] discipline. But if your ability to find low-cost Investments, is reduced to Zero, it is then time to think about whether the world around you has changed?“, also Berkshire-Fan, Merkel stressed. The stock market professional that have invented Buffett already several times.

Whether or not the Buffett creates, even now, still remains doubtful. The old masters, this year celebrates its 90. Birthday, his right-Hand man Charlie Munger is already 96 years old. At least in the past few years, Buffett's increased wrong decisions, for example, with regard to Tech shares, including Apple, in which Buffett's reluctant to invested.

An early exchange on the tax Berkshires would be probably also in the interests of many shareholders, especially after the bumpy descent in this year on the stock market. Enough successor, the also have the necessary Buffett-DNA, are available. Greg Abel, chief of the Berkshires energy business, since 2008, on Board, a candidate is considered to be promising.

the Arm is also traded at Berkshires insurance business, and Ajit Jain, the Buffett praises in the highest tones. Jain, so Buffett, have closed for the Berkshire shareholders "more money than anyone else", yourself included. German investors, the Name is likely to be known by Jains younger Cousin Anshu Jain, the former Co-head of Deutsche Bank.


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