Sugar Daddy? Young Playmates? What is really the clichés about couples with large age difference

My grandma mothers belonged to the side of the most advanced and strongest women I had the privilege in my life. Grandma Käthe was, to put it bluntly, a Shit to

Sugar Daddy? Young Playmates? What is really the clichés about couples with large age difference

My grandma mothers belonged to the side of the most advanced and strongest women I had the privilege in my life. Grandma Käthe was, to put it bluntly, a Shit to the small-minded opinion of the morality of their time. And because my grandma was such a cool woman, she married a few years after the death of her first husband, my Opis, for a second Time – a man who was a lot younger than you. For the full 30 years, to be exact. Why not? They were finally in love until over both ears.

That such a big age difference between my grandma and her second husband were, was not clear. I only knew that Because it is not looked two, maybe, but found. And found it splendid. Grandma Käthe without your Günther? For me, unimaginable. (Also read: Sex-Trend "Kunyaza" - of this technique, you have never heard of)

relationships with a large age difference will feel strange to

all The more amazing that it is me up to today is difficult to arrange it to me, if in a relationship one is much older or younger than the other. Without someone on the feet: a Michael Wendler is almost 50, his bride Laura feels not even 20 (and only a year older than his own daughter), for me is strange. And not just since yesterday.

With 18 years, I worked at a large art and cultural festival behind-the-Scenes, and came there in contact with older men who found me, the little theatre, a mouse, lovely. Attractive, good guys, educated, charming. And Yes, one or the other I found interesting – but nothing more. There were men in the age of my father, which were already an adult when I was just a dirty thought. The idea that my friend can see me, theoretically, would have to grow up, from the shit to the young woman, was to me a horror. Apart from that, the men heard neither my music, nor they spoke my language or understood, what to me, the Teenager, walked straight through the head.

in this respect, I admit I have my prejudices. But that must mean nothing at all. In the case of Omi and Günther, it worked also.

I have too many clichés in the head

we Look at the Whole thing in more detail. According to investigations conducted by the Federal Statistical office, an age difference of up to ten years is usually not a Problem. Thus, the separation risk is a difference of five years at 18 per cent, a difference of ten years, at 39 percent. A large age difference is the exception rather: Only 6 percent are more than ten years, about half of the German couples separate, one to three years. Easy. What I bother, exactly? (Read also: Erogenous zones of of these are Tricks men should know)

Because I have too many clichés in my head. Images from the solvent the Lord in the Midlife crisis, of smiling at a young playmate, to feel once more the cool and potent. Of the sweet coed with daddy issues, and without coal, which can be your Sugar Daddy endure. The Same is true for young men, an older woman. And I see aging divas, get your Boy Toy to the confirmation that you are still desirable.

I should know, at the latest, since Omi and Günther, that these prejudices are nonsense, not the least Concerned to make life difficult. Might have found just two people in love, the way they are. I mean, even Laura and the rest of the I guess now that you are really in love with each other, the way the stare at each other clinging. And no, for me personally, the constellation may not like, but this means that couples with a large age difference would be weird as I and my past relationships. (Read also: how to bring any woman to orgasm)

The Younger one is maybe a bit stupid - but also hot

Clearly, there are problems that do not have a peer Partner. Different standards of living, for example. So I would have no desire to get my (fake) 23-to visit year old Boyfriend in his foursome-WG. Or the thing with family planning. If the younger partner wants a child, but he has completed. When the Older teaches the Younger, in the worst case, laughed at because of this has seen gaaar nothing of the world and actually a bit goofy. But also hot.

The topic of health can complicate the relationship as well. After all, an older Partner is not necessarily always in top shape, often has the energy of a young man in the twenties or thirties has. The power at a certain time not only shared party nights to the Problem, but also the Sex. If both want to, but no longer can. For Example.

And now? You know, I would not presume at this time to give you the "5 best tips for all who want to join the Wendler and Laura". All I can give you, in good conscience, on the way, you should have fallen in love with a much younger or older people, is this: Talk to each other. About their needs and expectations from life and the relationship, about what you need and expect. But even about unpleasant topics. If you tastes from your older Partner before, do not take it seriously feel. Or Worry about what is not, when the beloved man one day is there. Or to not like about him, one day, be attractive, to be vital enough. To ignore these things, nothing helps. Deal together with it.

A tip I'll give you then but still. You should people like me encounter are your connection to per se skeptical (I'm working on it, word of honor) – hold to each other. You have to show that they belong together. Like the Laura and the Wendler. Or as my grandma Käthe and Günther.

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