Yamaha-double top on Friday: Rossi will be a strong opponent

For the Yamaha Werksduo the workout Friday, the MotoGP ended in Jerez with the best possible result for: Maverick Vinales and Valentino Rossi occupied in the ov

Yamaha-double top on Friday: Rossi will be a strong opponent

For the Yamaha Werksduo the workout Friday, the MotoGP ended in Jerez with the best possible result for: Maverick Vinales and Valentino Rossi occupied in the overall standings, the places one and two. On the day's best time of 1:37.063 minutes Rossi were missing at the end only 0,142 seconds.

"I had a good feeling, because we have changed the Set-up of the motorcycle. So I feel more comfortable and better to drive. I was quickly over the distance, but also on the flying lap", stated the Italian. A week ago he was after the first two workouts only on place 13.

this Time it ran much better. What was exactly the nodes burst, does not reveal Rossi. But it was obvious that he would be fine, especially with the tires better. "In the afternoon we focused on working with used tires," he says. "I think the track conditions are in this week's better, so the choice of tyre will be open between soft and medium."

Yamaha Duo rethinks choice of tyres to Jerez 1

a week Ago, the "doctor" in the race with soft-soft was on the way. On Friday, he turned a lot of laps with the hard front and Medium rear tyre. This combination also Vinales continued in the afternoon. He admits: "I've been thinking a lot about the soft rear tire. Towards the end of the race we had a problem."

Like Rossi, he rode to the front and rear, soft - and became the Second. For the second Jerez weekend, he evaluated Alternatives. "I think the softer tire has the better potential. We have the Medium tyres but we have not tested this afternoon, under race conditions, to see how he behaves," says Vinales. "I have also worked a lot with the hard front tyre."

Overall, the Yamaha rider draws a positive conclusion of the first day: "I can feel an improvement from last weekend to today, in particular in the rhythm. In the Morning a good lap time, I managed, and relatively relaxed. It was a much better Friday than the last time."

Vinales studied Quartararo and Vice versa

in The afternoon he sticks for a few rounds to the rear wheel of teammate Fabio Quartararo, who was able to win the first race in Jerez. "I tried to understand where his, and where are my Strengths. It is always good to study other fast riders," said Vinales, who also analyzes the telemetry data of the young Frenchman, hardworking. Quartararo does not disturb the but.

"I can also play with your data", says the Petronas-Pilot. "I can check, as well as by Valentino or Franco. In the end, everyone has the data from the other. For a second race on the same track you can't play anyway really have any trumps. You have to wait for the race. We know that we are strong in the race and we can quickly adjust."

In the Friday rankings, Quartararo landed on the 13. Place, to the top 0,829 seconds behind him. But that was mainly due to the fact that he had it - except, unlike in many of the Sessions of the previous year - even at the best of time. "For us, the day was more like a test day," explains the 21-Year-old.

Jerez-winner of the previous week working on the intricacies

"We have tried different things with the electronics, because we know from last week that our base is good. Tomorrow we will go then a little more time hunting, and in FT4 final details on the Set-up to make, in order to find a little more", he portrays the schedule for the weekend.

return to After his first victory directly again on the same route, I felt good, so the Frenchman. Especially since he confirms what Rossi says: "For my taste, the grip level was better than in the previous week. This is reflected in the fact that I set my best lap time with used tires."

As the Yamaha Werksduo he focused on the Medium tyres: "Last week we tried him with the Medium front tire, and so I felt not so good. We will test the FT4 to see, which for the race is more promising. But the Pace with the Medium rear tyre was already very good." to be able to

Morbidelli with better feeling than the last

in the race to implement, it will be a good Start. It worked, despite a Holeshot Device the last Time, more bad than good. "Actually, my Start was in the race, the worst of all the ones I have made in the course of the weekend. Today it ran better again."

Quartararos team-mate Franco Morbidelli is not yet in the enjoyment of the start-up assistance. The Italian reveals: "We will have them as soon as possible." The Friday in Jerez he finished a strong fourth place, only 0,353 seconds from the top. According to satisfied with his conclusion.

"It was a good Friday. We were able to improve the feeling compared to the last weekend immediately, which is positive. I pushed more, which is why other problems to the surface are kicked, to solve which we will try tomorrow morning. It will be important directly in Q2 to collect and drive a good lap in Qualifying, so I have less Bikes in front of me," says Morbidelli.

Morbidelli estimates Rossi as a strong opponent of a

Because in the race last week, he had to fight in the race, especially with the traffic and overheating the tires. This Friday, in turn, wrestled on the brake: "In the area I need to improve me. The other Yamaha's seem to be on the brake at the moment."

On Rossi's increase in comparison to the previous week, addressed, shows Morbidelli little surprised. "We all know that he is a nine-time world champion and still can be fast," he points out. "Last weekend, he had to fight with the vote, but this time he came to grips with it immediately good. He will be this weekend, a strong opponent."

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