Travel in times of Corona

In may, I admitted to secretly track my vacation planning. At the time, some of our politicians were still very strongly of the opinion that we should be cautio

Travel in times of Corona

In may, I admitted to secretly track my vacation planning. At the time, some of our politicians were still very strongly of the opinion that we should be cautious this year due to Corona from trips abroad, especially those with a holiday character. Now, after I have some of the European countries in the last two months, either from business or from private motives visited, it's time for a little balance on the topic of travel in times of Corona. I would like to summarize my personal and not representative observations in three points.

There is no question. This summer, it is something very special to see Europe. At the very top of my personal list for my visit to Athens in June. To run all alone on the Acropolis, was a unique and probably irreplaceable experience. In the cafes in the streets around the Acropolis, where crowds thronged to tourists, sat the Locals and drink their coffee, read the newspaper, or discussed with each other. It was like a trip into the past. Also, I noticed in all places, with what kindness and great effort, the guest, in spite of the Corona-restrictions a nice time preparing to be. My respect and my compliments to the people in the Hotel and catering industry under these severe conditions. It is also striking that, although there are tourists, but virtually no business travelers. In consequence, it may happen that you share in the luxury hotel of a big city with a handful of people in the Hotel.

to make matters worse for all of the trips in this summer, the constant uncertainty over the rules and requirements of A is entry or exit. In particular, because these rules can quickly change. The power of each of the ability to plan very, very hard. As a result of the travel in Europe is a small adventure with certain uncertainties. So it is best served, in case of doubt, in the short term, their own plans to adapt to new circumstances. But it's worth it. And a small note. How to wear one of the rules in the destination countries with respect to the Mask and the others are like. In some countries, such as Spain or Italy, the Virus has raged much worse than us. To accept the local rules, is the minimum of what you can expect from us as guests. Who don't like it, can stay at home.

we Come to the weak point of traveling this summer. This is the plane. To the best of times, airports and aircraft are not necessarily subject to entertainment tax. But now, no. To say it in a sentence: The flight experience is the opposite of Social Distancing. If you ask me, where I felt in the last weeks, despite the mask the discomfort the most? Then I have to say this very clearly: at the airport and on the plane. Although there are only a few flights, but since mid-June, often full to the last seat and all flights will be handled by a small part of the airport. The people there are sometimes criss-cross in long queues at the Boarding gate, while again and again by saying you should but please distance. This is almost funny, if it wasn't so spooky would be with hundreds of people with face masks, crowded wait to get started. Some airports, like the travellers in the meantime, once again, in fully-occupied buses between storage. My comment about the mood on Board with the fully occupied rows of seats, I'll spare you. But be sure to get a fit of coughing. If in doubt, you can also make it as my friend with his car for 30 hours by hazards, in order to get from London to Ibiza. In spite of all the odds I prefer, but since the plane.

My summary: Who wants to see Europe, this is the summer. Who holiday, as is otherwise expected, should rather stay at home. Whatever your plans, enjoy it.

This article by Leonhard Fischer

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Date Of Update: 14 July 2020, 18:26

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