Photo to follow: What is Angela Merkel's visit to Markus Söder

look! This time, not a Registrar, a Chancellor comes. Angela Merkel and Markus sail by boat on the lake, ride the horse-drawn. It's just two years that Söder w

Photo to follow: What is Angela Merkel's visit to Markus Söder

look! This time, not a Registrar, a Chancellor comes. Angela Merkel and Markus sail by boat on the lake, ride the horse-drawn. It's just two years that Söder with the tips set left quote: "my conclusion of the rally, not the Chancellor, and a Chancellor."

at the Time, he was stuck as a newly selected Prime Minister in the middle of the election campaign. He was not even CSU Chairman and had-more especially – the friend, the middle of Söder in discovered. At that time, in those krawalligen the summer months in 2018, as the Union parties dismantled the dispute over refugee policy, it seemed to Söder wiser to show up with Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz as with the Chancellor.

So times have changed.

Markus I., Angela I. and Louis II.

Today, Angela Merkel was Royal in Bavaria, in the true and conceivable state-supporting atmosphere of Herrenchiemsee received. In pure harmony with nature. Officially, the visit ran under "participation in the Cabinet meeting". In practice, however, it was a lavish Feast in honor of Chancellor of the reunited Union: Markus I. and Angela I. in the new castle of Louis II. Söder puts it, but then profane: The Meeting was "a sign of again finding" – after a few difficult years.

The silent message of the images so together there are two in Corona-crisis times. Well, and somehow beyond.

As the designed with the "beyond," is for the next few months is not unimportant.

Want to be Söder Chancellor, he needs Angela Merkel

don't Want to pull Söder in fact, the Chancellor Option, then he comes over to this woman. Merkel does not decide on the candidacy of the Union. But it is also A only a feeling of rejection by Merkel would be a Malus for every Union candidate to the Chancellery for adult.

dpa/Peter Kneffel Markus Söder (r, CSU), Minister President of Bavaria, and Sebastian Kurz (r, ÖVP), at their Meeting two years ago.

From the staging of a new harmony between the CDU and the CSU for the enthronement of a future Chancellor candidate Söder, it seems for some only a small step. And so wants to be a Journalist in the press conference after the summit meeting of the Prime Minister and Chancellor know: "Would have been because of Markus Söder, the stuff to be Chancellor?" Merkel takes a breath and says, "Yeah". Since some of the marvel powerful. But she quickly clarifies that she was referring to her Yes to the first part of the question. The digital infrastructure has an opinion, for the Chancellor candidacy. In any case, expresses them publicly.

The "elephant memory" of the Chancellor

of Course, recalls Merkel the "Chancellor's spell", the Söder two years ago, had imposed. Finally, it has an "elephant memory", as it is someone from your entourage formulated. And, of course, the Chancellor has not forgotten that it was that Söder, who declared about two years ago, the refugee dispute to the "final of credibility" between the CDU and the CSU. Only About such things she's not talking.

When looking at Söder she sees that he drives now – at least in the direction of the Chancellery– a strict peace course that he is a carrier of the Union and that he is not talking but acting. So you will be pleased to Söders major strategic Move to the state of man, but also calmly have registered. The main thing, the wrong direction. So she sees this. Merkel is currently working with the Swiss franc, because he understands quickly, and quickly is. Whether or not you like him? These kinds of things, the Chancellor retains for a long time. The, so they didn't learn over the years, for business anyway, which is often so crucial.

In any case, the fact that Bavaria's head of government – as it has – in the Corona pandemic, a course of utmost caution, the relationship of the two is significantly strengthened.

Söder praises and extols the Chancellor

Only: A preference for Söder to potential competitors, such as Armin Laschet, Friedrich Merz or Norbert Röttgen (all CDU) can of course not be derived. Merkel was 18 years CDU leader. Therefore, it is conceivable it clear that it would be not a Detail, when the much larger party, the CDU, the smaller, the CSU would allow for the Chancellor candidacy first.

Söder, for its part, has become in the past months, tired of praising the Chancellor, or to the strength of prices and their nerves in General, as well as to pay tribute to its prominent role for the Union, in Particular, from time to Time. The maneuver makes a triple sense: Only those who rated the office of the Federal Chancellor, with due respect, even as successor in question. Who talks about the popular Chancellor nice, even in a good light. And Only, who is good with the now revered head of government, can hope to have sufficient support, to the Chancellery to collect. Whether Söder drives the address Willy-Brandt-Straße-1, is more open.

Markus Söder emphasized again and again that he sees his place in Bayern. Early chances but he does not want to install sure.

the Chancellor will also Laschet visit

Merkel behaves in all of this strictly neutral. After the summer break, the Chancellor will Laschet, according to information from FOCUS Online because their long-planned visit in North Rhine-Westphalia, in the case of your party, friend, Armin, to make. So much symmetry, it must be. Söder travels again on 14. August of Schleswig-Holstein's Minister-President Daniel Günther (CDU), to go with him on his travels. It should not be a "pure tourist Meeting", but also a political Meeting, is to be heard. The two want to work together to visit the GreenTEC Campus in Enge-Sande (North Friesland).

Söder something for months as a NetWorker from the service. "I had last year, a campaign from which I have drawn many Lessons," he told the other day time. "It became clear to me that together we can achieve more than alone." He had, for example, Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) or the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) in Bavaria guest. Each Meeting is an Investment in the future. One way or the other.

"On new questions, not old answers"

For the first, there is a kind of concrete peace dividend of the harmony between the CDU and the CSU In the German and European policy, a lot of movement like never before. The CSU follow suit want in the great European reconstruction Fund – although most of the currently envisaged, the sum of 750 billion is likely to be debt financed. To whom the Whole thing might fail – not the CSU. As it says Söder? To give "on new questions, the old answers, is a mistake." It is sometimes also a matter of to jump also "the shadow". Maybe he didn't think of that since it is only on the Europe policy.

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