So much more you need to in the future for the road tax to pay

The as yet unpublished draft of the Federal Ministry of Finance, to be much too timid, criticized the environmental organization Greenpeace. By contrast, the CD

So much more you need to in the future for the road tax to pay

The as yet unpublished draft of the Federal Ministry of Finance, to be much too timid, criticized the environmental organization Greenpeace. By contrast, the CDU economic Council objected to planned additional charges for vehicles with high pollutant emissions.

Reform to the taxation of CO2-emissions to align

The black-red coalition wants to use from next year as the basis for assessment for the Vehicle tax for new cars, "mainly" the height of the fuel and thus the CO2 emissions and the move to climate-friendly Cars promote. This reaffirmed the Union and the SPD in their deliberations in the coalition Committee a stimulus package against the impact of the Corona-crisis in the last week again.

From the current draft of the Ministry of Finance indicate that, at new registrations from 1. January 2021 to each 100 cubic inches of engine displacement 9,50 Euro due. A step wise increasing of the surcharge for each gram of carbon Dioxide emission per kilometre.

the draft law provides in Detail:
  • For cars that emit more than 95 grams of CO2 per kilometre, will be made for each additional gram a surcharge of 2.00 Euro to the tax burden.
  • From 115 grams of CO2 per km, the charge rises to € 2.20 per gram.
  • This increases going further: from 135 grams to 2.50 euros, from 155 grams to 2.90 euros, from 175 grams to 3.40 euros and 195 grams then at 4.00 euros for each additional gram of CO2.
For whom the Reform of the tax

The "image"newspaper has calculated how the plans on the annual road tax costs of certain vehicles have a. is most The table shows that The higher the CO2 emissions of a car, the more expensive the new Car tax is. FOL, The highest in more costs to come, according to the calculations of the "image" on the holder of a Porsche Macan GTS.

CDU economic Council makes mobile against projects

"The authors of the draft law to the new motor vehicle tax very politically correct SUV driver and lover of sports displacement in the view", said the Secretary-General of the economic Council, Wolfgang Steiger. He argued that this would also meet a craftsman with more motorized delivery vehicles as well as commuters. Visa secured?

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Greenpeace-traffic expert, Tobias Austrup criticized the charges as too low. "Because of less than € 200 a year, no one to reconsider the purchase of a SUV or a Limousine for many tens of thousands of euros," he said in Berlin. Necessary a registration tax of several thousand euros for the "climate-damaging PS-Protze was, rather," demanded Austrup and referred to such rules in Denmark and the Netherlands.

Federal government collected a little more

Overall, the Federal Ministry of Finance expects, therefore, for 2021 with a limited loss of tax revenue of 90 million euros, and then with a slight tax revenue to increase by 2025 to an annual value of 105 million euros. Of the Emission limit, the owner of a newly registered passenger Cars of more taxes has to pay as under the law, it is specified with 115 grams of CO2 per Kilometer. The template is not yet voted in the government. Here car loan quickly and easily request (indicator) To Focus Online car loan comparison

The government plans in addition, the existing ten-year-old motor vehicle will extend tax exemption for pure electric vehicles until the end of 2025. You should at most be until the end of 2030 granted. Was it for gas? Tesla's new miracle battery Was supposed to create 1.6 million kilometres of PCP's for nitro? Tesla's new miracle battery is expected to create 1.6 million kilometers

Opposition criticizes government's plans

The Opposition complains that the Federal government's plans for Reform of the Vehicle tax. "The Federal government puts together a package for the settlement of the automotive industry," said the FDP politician involved in transport issues, Oliver Luksic, the editorial network Germany (RND) from Wednesday.

"The increase in the purchase premium for E-cars in combination with a Motor tax increase for gasoline and Diesel will exacerbate the crisis in the automotive and Zulieferbau massive, and accelerating," said Luksic.

The Green transport policy-makers Stephan Boldly criticized the plans from a different direction. "With this puny Reform, the Federal government will accelerate the switch to clean E-cars, hardly", said Boldly to the RND. "The climate-damaging gas guzzlers get away with it is still much too cheap and also in future for their ecological damage." The Greens called for a "real" Bonus-Malus-System, with the gas guzzlers, and other climate-damaging cars, the purchase premium for E-cars for Finance.

The Left-traffic expert Ingrid Remmers admitted in the RND, the stronger weighting of the CO2 emissions in the motor Vehicle tax was going in the right direction. But it is only a drop on the hot stone. The car manufacturers need to change their model policy quickly. Your car has a cheat engine? (Display)

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Updated Date: 10 June 2020, 11:27

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