Schäffler: BFV-decision spoils the mood | the district of Dachau

The Bavarian football Association (BFV) has decided that The current season is played in silence to the end of the next season is. MORITZ STALTER district o

Schäffler: BFV-decision spoils the mood | the district of Dachau

The Bavarian football Association (BFV) has decided that The current season is played in silence to the end of the next season is.


district of The clubs in the district are not fully satisfied (we reported). The country and district League team are displeased with the Situation.In detail, the leaders of the country and district League team commented on the decision of the BFV.

ASV Dachau

Bernhard Ahammer, the coach of the country's top-flight club ASV Dachau, says: "in Principle, every athlete wants to bring the already started season in the sport to the end. We had a great winter of preparation behind us, it was good and wanted to do everything it can to hold the class. For us it is important now that the season is brought under the conditions to end as it was begun in July. Due to the upcoming change window which is in our opinion difficult.“

the club Should get through September reasonably well, so Ahammer more, could it be that some of the leagues are in Winter very far or even finished. What are the teams then until July 2021? Ahammer: "We will start in July of this year, our third preparation for the current season, and possibly a fourth added. For us, it's still a lot, but I'm curious whether the teams that are already backed up, will keep the Motivation.“ The ASV-Coach points out that it is difficult to compare games from July 2019 with Play by April 2021 and to take into account in a table. "The teams might look like by game changing, moves, or ended the careers of quite different", so Ahammer.

TSV Karl box

Jochen Jaschke, coach of TSV Eintracht finds Karl field: "The assessment of decision-making is difficult. The advantage is that the eleven days of waiting, without the pressure of time can be carried out. If a team is in quarantine would have to, would still be enough time to catch up on the games.“

on the Other hand, it was not until the Start of the next season is a very long period of time. Jaschke asks: "Suppose it would all run without any complications, we would be in the Winter is finished. What do you do then, until June 2021, when the preparation for the new season starts? What are the teams, who are the trainers? But: I can not estimate what is going on and the Situation is therefore difficult to assess.“

TSV Jetzendorf

The football heart of Jetzendorfs coach Alexander Schäffler hurts at the thought of a whole season must be: "It is true that the health is going on and you have to weigh everything well. But when I think of it, that we only have eleven games with a competitive character in the next twelve months, dampening the mood. Especially if you are in between two Windows and two preparations has.“

Schäffler hopes that this is not "the appeal of the players is lost. There is also no staged Cup games help. For clubs, for it is now neither On - nor descent, I imagine the extremely difficult.“

Jetzendorfs coach believes that there is no perfect Plan that provides all of the satisfied. "But if in the beginning against a crash with the reason of distortion of competition, it has been argued, I do wonder: Is this not a distortion of competition?"

SV Sulzemoos

So, it looks also mark the car arrow, the team Manager of SV Sulzemoos. He is in close exchange with SVS coach Peter Hero and says: "Peter and I are, in many points, agree. We had hoped that the BFV comes to its senses and all the state associations to find a uniform solution. Why only Bayern and Thüringen have decided for a sequel and the Rest is lost, I do not understand. The result is that we have to play for two years, a season may end for some Teams in no man's land. The incentive for coaches and players goes to zero. Due to the additional exchange window, the teams will be more change than usual. And there will be many changes, especially in the lower leagues with clubs will put their players are not in the same way, if the switch want.

cart arrow continues: "in Our opinion, should a vote be made – not with 30 people, but each with a person responsible for the associations that are reported in the BFV. So it is just lousy and unsportsmanlike.“

SpVgg chamber mountain

Matthias Koston, the coach of the Middlesbrough chamber of the mountain, trying to see the positive sides: "Actually, a lot of pointed to this decision. The BFV wants to bring the season to an end. Well, I think that we can now plan. Purely from a sporting perspective, for me it is the best solution. But there are also clubs that the not find so good. I have said from the beginning that it makes sense, then again with the Amateur sports start with, if the Situation permits. I would have no Problem with it, until after the winter break start and play the season then the end. Then we would not have played a full year, but that would be okay for me.“

it would be disadvantageous according to Koston on the other hand, "if we start in October, four, five matches, then in the winter break go and for the rest of the games a preparation need. Wait until everything runs out again, that would make the most sense. Until then, all can use the time and other things to take care of, to physical vulnerabilities work and injuries such as knee or back problems to get better.“

Updated Date: 10 June 2020, 11:33

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