Three stars for Peitings young working | EC Peiting

EC Peiting has focused for years on young talent from our own ranks. The good work shows itself also in comparison with other Clubs. Especially in an age class

Three stars for Peitings young working | EC Peiting

EC Peiting has focused for years on young talent from our own ranks. The good work shows itself also in comparison with other Clubs. Especially in an age class of ECP convinced.

Peiting – Florian Hechenrieder, goalkeeper of the EC Peiting is one of them. His front people Dominic Krabbat and Alexander Winkler, also. Even the DEL-player Thomas Oppenheimer and Fabian Dietz belong in the list. As well as Luis Üffing and Maxi Glötzl, the car with the Cologne sharks of the jump in Germany's first League. They all have one thing in common: they were at a young age for EC Peiting on the ice, learned to play ice hockey. "The list of names is not complete," says ECP spokesperson Simon Fritz legacy. The Association continues its good work with young players. And got this again certifies. For the fourth Time in a row, the EC Peiting three achieved five stars in the DEB-star program. In a comparison of the top division – North and South combined, the ECP in order for sixth place among 22 Teams. In addition, Peiting scores better than eight was del2 teams.

Peitings young's work is in the comparison

For the past five years, the German hockey Federation (DEB) leagues checked with the program, the youth work of the Teams in the DEL, the was del2 and the upper. Of almost 60 Clubs, 13 have achieved this year, the maximum number of five stars – including a top of the EV Regensburg-tier. The requirements are high.

Peiting shines especially in the case of the smallest runners, speedsters. One of the points of the ECP won in the age groups U7 to U11. 84 percent of the possible points were reached. Are required in this category, among others, Kindergarten - and school actions, a minimum number of training sessions and the contact to players of the first team. The Peitinger young players received, among other things, a visit from Fabian Weyrich, Martin Mazanec and top scorer Nardo Nagtzaam.

Full score for U13 and U15

a Whopping 100 percent fulfilled Peiting, in the area of U13 to U15 and won the second star. "Here we can be very proud of," says Treasurer Werner Wiedemann-Mozart. Considered, among other things, the summer training programmes and training of trainers. In addition, a code must consist of conduct within the Department and a full-time coordinator be set with the mark, like the case.

As in previous years, there was not enough in the age categories U17 and U20 for a star. "Here, we need to load", are the Same. "We will develop concepts and we are already in the implementation phase." The same scientific appreciation of the training and a detailed documentation of works, among other things, a sport. On top of that, a perspective squad to facilitate the Transition from the Junior to the upper League team.

the environment Also fits in Peiting

the third point of the ECP in the area of "environment is". For the Girls-Days was required. In addition, among other things, lending options for skates and equipment, as well as regular trainers help to take points from meetings. In order to improve further, the Association works on top of that, a training concept for all Junior teams from U7 up to the U20 Hand-in-Hand can be worked.

all but not the EC Peiting, only to become the star program. The power of the EC Peiting especially because he is instructed as a small club of good players from its own ranks. "A solid work of young people is essential for the success and Survival of a club in the long term," says Wiedemann-Mozart. To pick up "players from abroad, is for us only to a certain extent feasible. The Peitinger way is the only players that are trained in and for the club and a sporting perspective at the site.“

Sometimes the own family to stay with the club even after their active career, in addition to loyalty. Like Markus The Same. So one of the above-mentioned list. The Peitinger own greenhouse three times, was del2-Meister, has two Times won the Cup. And now as a Junior coordinator to ensure that others can follow a successful path.

Date Of Update: 10 June 2020, 11:33