The 5 most popular hair removal methods

The summer of 2020 and therefore, the Swimsuit season is fast approaching and raises the question: What are the hair removal for men is most effective? Because

The 5 most popular hair removal methods

The summer of 2020 and therefore, the Swimsuit season is fast approaching and raises the question: What are the hair removal for men is most effective? Because there are many men, the struggle grew from the neck down with excessive hair.

reasons for hair removal:

For many, a torso without the coat represents a certain ideal of beauty. But there are other reasons to resort to hair removal methods. Improved personal hygiene for example: In the hair of the refinement of smell caught the end of the bacteria easier, this also leads to increased odor. In addition, it has for the practice of certain sports benefits, if the body is less hairy strong. Known way to remove the float, the leg hair, as this leads to improved dynamics in the water. We stick to sports: The sports tape holds on the shaved skin better and longer, which enhances the effect of the Tapes. In the case of sports injuries, it is also advantageous to hair-free. As these heal more quickly if no hairs get caught in the wound available.

for those Who want to get rid of the fur, is always faced with the question: Which method works best? The GQ editorial team presents you the best 5 methods for hair removal for the man – of shaving, about Sugaring up the lasers and tells you what you need to know.

1. Hair removal by shaving: quick and painless

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Both dry and wet to be feasible, sustainable shaving is the most popular and cheapest method of hair removal - but, unfortunately, also the least. The fact is that at the Depilation, although the unwanted Growth is destroyed, the root is still there. This has, of course, means that you have to shave at the latest after a few days again, if you want to keep your smooth Body.

on the Other hand, the procedure is really pain – applied free and can be easily carried out in the morning in the shower. You can also use After Shave balm, in this way you reduce the redness of the skin after shaving. Men with thicker hair should pick up a beard trimmer and then to a wet shaver. Who would like to have it not quite smooth, but just shorter, leave out the wet shave.

2. Hair removal in men: The Epilation

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Quite simply, the home is feasible: Use small, tweezer-like Pliers of the electrical Epilation for the acquisition of the hair, and pulls it together with its root – sounds painful and it is, but the end result will convince you of this hair removal method. Plus point: The hair will grow only at the latest after 4 weeks, back to and stay at best of the pesky pimples spared, which can cause the two following methods.

3. Hair removal with Waxing in a man

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The Waxing, either Hot or cold wax applied to the area to be treated of the body, which then, by a sudden, quick Pull the entire hair, including the persistent root is removed. That is to say: here, Too, is to be expected with a longer-term result. The significant difference compared to the above method, however, is that finer hair can be recognized and eliminated, and once the initial redness has decreased – suave skin comes to the fore.

4. Hair removal: trend method of Sugaring

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As a further Alternative to the somewhat longer-lasting hair removal is applied during the Sugaring – as the Name already suggests – is an effective warm sugar paste to the area to be treated areas of the body. In contrast to Waxing, will be touched upon here, the hairs in the direction of growth, which is painful significantly less, but equally effective action will result.

here, Too, you can look forward to a lasting hair removal for about four to six weeks. You use after the treatment, a soothing Oil, which prevents the emergence of itching and small pimples. The more frequently you use this method, the pain-free treatment for you is hair thinning after some time, and it's easier to solve. When Handling the Sugar Paste, the following applies: Practice makes perfect. So do not despair if the process is initially more time-consuming, it should not be from a professional Hand. You can celebrate the hair removal as a partner exercise.

5. Hair removal in men: laser method

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you want to get rid of those pesky hairs permanently? Then we have just the thing for you: The laser method! During the procedure, the heat of the laser beam is redirected to the root of the hair, wherein it is heated and finally the hair follicle is obliterated. As a big plus point of the process is free, mostly pain and growth, in many cases, the hair, even permanently counteract.

minus points for the use of us, however, since on the one hand, men with light hair (blonde, Red, White) to the enjoyment of the Laserns have to do without – you the Pigment Melanin is missing. Furthermore, the method is a bit more expensive, because it can only be by professionals carried out, and therefore with a large amount of time is connected.

Alternatively, there are still two other methods: The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology that uses pulses of light to the hair shaft is heated, which accordingly, the anchoring root is destroyed, as well as the electric or needle epilation, in which a thin, sterile needle is used.

you decide no Matter which method, we advise you: Try each method several times, since some methods of pain degree only after repeated treatments and the results in the long term improve.


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