Russian million on the Limmatquai

A house in Zurich, a Hotel in Weggis, accounts at Credit Suisse: There was a time, there used to be, Switzerland is pretty Central to the life of Alexander Udod

Russian million on the Limmatquai

A house in Zurich, a Hotel in Weggis, accounts at Credit Suisse: There was a time, there used to be, Switzerland is pretty Central to the life of Alexander Udodov. Here, the Russians invested a lot of money, here he was, and to ice hockey, and his daughter went to school. A few years ago now, and then only to insiders was the 50-year-old Udodov itself known in Russia: as friend and business partner of the powerful chiefs of the national tax authority, Mikhail Mishustin.

In January of 2020, but Russia's President Vladimir Putin dissolved surprisingly, the government, and Mikhail made Mishustin as the new Prime Minister. Since then, it is for Mishustin and his friend Udodov over with the pleasant life in the shadow of public attention.

After the change of government in Moscow, the opposition politician and Blogger Alexei Navalny the documents on the say published are liable to the wealth of the family Mishustin: The children attend a Swiss Nobel boarding school, the parents own villas in Rublyovka, the Moscow suburb of the super-rich. A part of the estate Mischustins sister of Alexander Udodov got as a gift. This has sold his Swiss real estate for a long time and his Swiss company dissolved. But what are the sources of his wealth comes from, is not clarified until today.

legal assistance from Switzerland

An answer to this question is not only looking for the Russian Opposition. What was previously unknown: Since 2013, the public Prosecutor's office leads in the German Koblenz a criminal investigation against Udodov, and several firms in its sphere of influence. It goes to the suspicion of money laundering. Udodov is the majority owner of the freight company VG Cargo at Frankfurt-Hahn airport. Over 2012, the company will be several million out of a huge tax fraud in Russia, has been postponed.The media office confirmed the public Prosecutor's office in Koblenz that is an ongoing investigation. And here, Switzerland is now back in the game.

the investigation in Germany can continue, thanks to the Germans for a successful legal assistance from Zurich. The investigators in Koblenz by a more fraud in Russia from defending tax in the amount of about 80 million Swiss francs. A minimum of 3 million francs of it is to be paid via Swiss Bank accounts of Udodovs companies on the virgin Islands or Cyprus. May also be more Prominent in the VG cargo are in the balance sheets of two capital increases by a total of 13.1 million Euro by "cash contributions of the shareholders". Who brings 13.1 million in cash? VG Cargo does not respond to the questions of this paper.

At the request of the Koblenz-based investigators of the Prosecutor's office of the Canton of Zurich Bank seized documents from a total of 21 companies. Because several of these companies submitted a complaint could be submitted to the documents until the end of 2018, according to Germany. In the rejection of the complaint, the Federal government referred to criminal court in Bellinzona, the accused company as "offshore companies". Udodov neither replied to questions about the investigation to his assets. Also the Swiss lawyer who represented Udodov and his company, silent.

the Swiss justice was Alexander Udodov at the time of the legal aid no longer Unknown. The smart Ruse with the sharp-cut profile, referred to as the "Investor and philanthropist", was previously employed by the Federal criminal police, the Federal Prosecutor's office and the money laundering reporting office.

A house for 37 million Swiss francs

In the spring of 2013 began, the Federal Prosecutor's office a criminal investigation against unknown perpetrators on suspicion of money laundering during the purchase of the hotel Albana in Weggis, as well as of the building on Zurich's Limmatquai 92. Both houses were purchased in 2007 by specially founded Zurich-based company, which in turn were controlled by the Luxembourg company of Udodov. For the Hotel Albana, the Russian paid 4 million francs. The historical business and office building in Zurich was significantly more expensive, 37 million Swiss francs. The money for the purchase, so the suspicion could come from criminal activities in Russia.

The fraud with VAT is considered to be one of the biggest heists in Russia in the past two decades. The Russian state was defrauded of hundreds of millions, because gangsters and sophisticated entrepreneurs with the aid of corrupt tax officials and fake invoices picked up the VAT of Goods that never existed.

Alexander Udodov referred to as a successful business man. Photo: Private

The Scam was busted, but the judiciary remained idle. Some officials were dismissed or transferred. Udodov was questioned as a witness. His Mentor Mishustin remained as head of the tax authority in the office.

In Switzerland, the Federal criminal police stated that on account of Udodovs companies at Credit Suisse in the period from 2007 to 2009, up to $ 330 million were invested, without sense and purpose of the transactions were traceable. The Swiss could get neither information about the origin of the assets nor the employment Udodovs. Nevertheless, the criminal investigation in 2014, has been set by the office of the attorney General. The reason: Russia is the publication of information on alleged tax denied fraud. The legal assistance Switzerland has not been answered once.

As the "observer" in 2012, researched the Swiss real estate deals, met with a Reporter, Alexander Udodov in the office of the Zurich-based wealth consultant. Questions about corruption and embezzlement of taxpayers ' money in Russia did not seem to be feeling Udodov, wrote at the time, the magazine: He has offered insight into his tax file, but it never happened. The asset Manager and now shares this newspaper that they have already canceled years ago, the contact to Udodov. Questions about real estate deals in Switzerland, you will not be answered.

After high-flown plans for the renovation and Expansion of the hotel Albana in Weggis, failed, sold Udodov the Hotel in the Mobimo more. The price remains a secret. The house on Limmatquai in zürich, the Russian sold in 2015 to a subsidiary of the Zurich insurance. This wants to say anything to the purchase price. Has examined the Zurich the seller and his Background? The insurance on these questions and no answers.

real estate was not Udodov only in Switzerland. The Czech Internet newspaper "Denik N" reported six luxurious apartments in Prague, bought Udodov from 2007, and between 2015 and 2020, had sold. "Also, these transactions deserve the attention of the authorities", - quotes "Denik N" the corruption of experts, Milan Eibl of Transparency International. Also bought and sold Udodovs company six apartments in New York, close to wall street. Overall, Udodov is likely to have for flat purchases in Prague and New York, approximately 10 million Swiss francs spent. A Lot Of Money. But no comparison to the 37 million for the house on Limmatquai in zürich.

put The Hotel in the wrong lake

the latest reports on The mysterious real estate deals Udodov and his Mentor Mishustin, apparently under so much pressure that you go in the journalistic counter-offensive. In several Pro-government Newspapers appeared in the past few days, reports about the economic successes of Udodovs companies: a Russian mushroom production called the rainbow of fungi, the thermal hotel Termy in the Caucasus and the German VG Cargo.

for the First time, Udodov was the daily newspaper "Isvestija" an in-depth Interview. In it, he explains that he was married since 2008, with the sister of the new Prime Minister Mishustin, and you have given real estate. Allegations of money laundering Udodov referred to as a "lie": He had nothing to do with it, not against it had never been determined.

In this Interview, Udodov itself not with the truth so exactly: On the question of whether he had except the German VG Cargo other transactions abroad, conceal it, the apartments in Prague, New York and the house in Zurich. He tells merely of an "old Hotel in Switzerland, on lake Geneva", he didn't want to modernize, but due to lack of permits I need to sell it quick. Not even wrong: The historical Hotel Albana, of which he speaks here, in Weggis. On The Lake Of Lucerne.

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