Professional cyclists stay 16 days in quarantine

Who knows nothing of Diego ulissi's mess, one could mistake it for a normal message of a proud young father: The image published by the Italian professional cy

Professional cyclists stay 16 days in quarantine

Who knows nothing of Diego ulissi's mess, one could mistake it for a normal message of a proud young father: The image published by the Italian professional cyclist on Instagram, shows his wife with the newborn daughter, Anna. But because of the father missing in the picture, is no coincidence: he has been since about two weeks in the United Arab Emirates. First he denied the UAE-Tour, since Thursday last week, however, he just sits on the hotel room and not allowed to leave: First two and last six more cases of the Corona Virus in the Radtross have prompted the race organizers and the authorities to take this step.

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Benvenuta Anna!!!!! Il parto è andato benissimo stanno entrambe bene!! Non vedo l ora di abbracciare le mie donne!! Arianna Lia Anna ??????

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For 16 of the 20 Teams in the UAE-Tour, as well as for the whole Caravan (organization, media) – a total of around 600 people, has lifted the quarantine on Sunday, after four days. All were negative on Covid-19 tested. But not for the Teams Cofidis, Groupama-FDJ, as well as Gazprom-RusVelo, which were related to the positive cases, respectively, in which individual team members cold symptoms had shown. They all wait in their rooms in the fourth floor of the Crowne Plaza in Abu Dhabi. Particularly bitter in ulissi's case: His Team UAE-the Emirates would also be allowed to leave, but decided because of his (financial) connection to the Emirates to remain.

No access to the Velos

Mathilde L’Azou, as a photographer of the team Cofidis in the Emirates, tried to take the story in a humorous - trying in a other sports:

In a first Phase, and also helped the riders sense of humour at the frustration over the prescribed room to rest, how about the Video of the Australian Nathan Haas driver shows in the French Cofidis Team:

But the longer, the more the morale drops. On Tuesday, he writes: "I was now more days in the Hotel as I'm here for a race. Great form-building race, these UAE Tour." And on Wednesday: "I'll probably spend my birthday here. Then I wish me a cake in the Form of the Corona Virus."

So a cake would be a nice increase with respect to the Board: The members of the four Teams receive a daily lunch bag with food supplied, more. Otherwise, you are condemned to idleness. Because: Although they have received training roles available. Only: their bicycles, the need for Training, in the basement of the hotel, where you hinlässt according to the FDJ rider Arnaud Démare anyone.

at Least you can't accuse Démare and room-mate Ramon Sinkeldam, be creative on how you can make use of the hotel room is active:

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Vue du balcon, du couloir, de la chambre , un remix des 5 derniers jours bloqués à l'hôtel ! Je ne sais pas comment on garde le morale sans entraînements à 17 jours de Milan San Remo .. ???? Au delà du sportif , tout l'équipe se porte bien. #coronavirus @Ramon sinkeldam

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Only The time up to Démares the first highlight of the season is also shorter. "17 days until Sanremo," wrote the winner of 2016 under the Video.

"None of our drivers have been tested positive for"

On Wednesday, the mood turns then final. On Tuesday, the Ministry of health, the Emirates had announced four more positive cases. It is two Russians, two Italians, a German and a Colombian. On Wednesday, it is then UCI President, David Lappartient, communicates the drivers of precipitation in the message: you must, although it has been tested, the majority of them now two Times a negative effect on Covid-19, to 14. March in quarantine for 16 days are left, totally so. "None of our drivers have been tested positive. (...) We made this decision," said Groupama comment-FDJ in his official Statement.

organized another piquant aspect of this quarantine-story: The UAE-Tour of the RCS, the great Italian Rennorganisator. This said on Monday, the Strade Bianche (Saturday/7. March), the tour of Tirreno-Adriatico (from 11. March), as well as Milan-Sanremo (21. March) would take place as planned.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Team EF Pro Cycling explained, you have the UCI, a dispensation for the Italian world tour race, requested the world tour Teams are required to race at this level to Start, otherwise you will be fined.

"This is not a panic reaction. It is important to support the national medical precautions for a slow dissemination of the virus. We have no fear. But responsibility fully," writes team Manager Jonathan Vaughters on Twitter.

Similar to the world tour Team Israel Start-Up Nation, this is the result of the merger between the Israel Cycling Academy and Katyusha keeps it. According to “Het Nieuwsblad” may decide, each member of the team until Wednesday evening itself, whether it wants to travel to the races after Italy.

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