'I'm just glad that they all have fought for me'

"Then comes the green light," whispers Frank Thøgersen on the stands in folketingssalen in a bold attempt to conceal his nervousness. However, since the 113

'I'm just glad that they all have fought for me'

"Then comes the green light," whispers Frank Thøgersen on the stands in folketingssalen in a bold attempt to conceal his nervousness.

However, since the 113 lights illuminate the green – the act is adopted – can neither Frank, his wife, Ratree, or the main character even, Mint, hiding the relief.

"I have only seen my wife cry twice. When we were married and so today," he says to the Liberal party udlændingeordfører, Mads Fuglede, as the Left subsequently invite for a cup of coffee.

"Then I hope, both times, was of joy," replies the Mads Fuglede, with a twinkle in his eye.

in addition to the 'green light' in folketingssalen have Mint just got yet another gift. A suspension for the christmas tree with the Palace-scene from the Left.

"So you can be reminded that the things that you should be in Denmark, had to go through Parliament," says Mads Fuglede.

It was just Left there with the government in February began the debate with, among others, the Social democrats on a new law – and thus the abolition of the so-called integrationsvurderinger.

At the time, however, there was only talk about a change in the law prospectively, did the then minister Inger Støjberg it clear in February.

In the summer changed the Social democrats and the Left seat at the negotiating table, and a bail-out to the Mint and the other showed children were enrolled in the bill.

Frank Thøgersen therefore may also not restrain to take advantage of the occasion to ask when the Left changed their minds?

"I felt like that had been said no all the way," says Frank Thøgersen.

"We say not' yes ' in the press, when we are still sitting and negotiating," similar Mads Fuglede and elaborates:

"I have not thought of you. I have thought of the whole group – the whole area. I can't live with that Mint came in, but there also came the 35 children, who have been sitting on a koran school and has been deeply radicalised."

And therefore there was some response, the Left had to get, before they could say yes.

And the ones they got.

"The group, we could be nervous about, is incredibly small," says Mads Fuglede, which, however, affirms, that it is the Social democrats and the Left, who negotiated the recently adopted law in place.

"So it may well be that there are some other running around and taking credit for what has happened," he says.

Around the Christiansborgs times have the politicians, the Mint meetings, now more busy with handing out the credit.

As the Unity party leader, Pernille Skipper, who is just about to make a video in front of the big christmas tree, since Mint comes over.

"great to see you. Thank you for everything you have done. You have done very much for a great many other than yourself. Well done," says Pernille Skipper to Mint.

SF's Jacobs Field also captures today's protagonist at a time:

"Try to consider that you have been mentioned in the prime minister's opening speech and the former staministers lukketale," says Jacob Mark and wonder Mint:

"How are you?"

"I'm really happy, because they all voted green," she replies.

"113-0, you have won it ever?" asks Frank Thøgersen, who well do you know Jacob Marks fodboldhistorik from multiple nations around the world, the Club.

Also to the Radical Party's group meeting, she was folded in and placed on Morten Østergaard, space – redecorate was in fact sick.

The People udlændingeordfører, Andreas Steenberg, presented the Mint even a christmas gift.

"Frank wrote, that you think it was a bit cold in Denmark. Today there will be warmer," he says to the Mint, while she packs a sweatshirt up.

"There are stars because you are the little udlændingepolitikkens response to Greta Thunberg. It is your efforts and your struggle, makes that today we can vote the here law through," says Andreas Steenberg.

Mint smiled. And laughing. Under the two eye, she reveals later that she actually don't know who Greta Thunberg is.

But it must not stand in the way of her gratitude.

"I'm just glad that they all have fought for me and helped me."

Updated Date: 20 December 2019, 02:00

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